Sunday, April 28, 2019

Councilman Torres Calls For Metro North Clean Up on East 161st. Street Metro North Area

  Standing on the corner of Park Avenue and East 161st. Street Councilman Ritchie Torres called for the MTA to clean up the garbage from inside the gated area behind him which is on Metro North property. He said that he has an organization that would clean the garbage if the MTA would allow access to the filthy area.

Standing with Councilman Torres was a resident of the Morrisania Houses Ms. Tanya Pedler who said that rats come from all the trash and garbage thrown around the tracks. Also were members of Wildcat, an organization that hires people to clean up business areas. 

Councilman Torres was asked when he learned of the situation, answering a few weeks ago. There was no answer as to how the larger items got inside the gated area, or a solution to keep future items out of this gated area.

Above - The gated area leading to where Councilman Torres says the Metro North should clean or give him access to allow his clean up workers do the clean up.
Below - A Metro North train passes under 161st Street at the point where Councilman Torres called for a clean up.

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