Saturday, May 4, 2019

EmblemHealth Hosts Free Obesity Prevention Event With State Senator Gustavo Rivera

Ms. Karen Ignagni CEO of Emblem Health with State Senator Gustavo Rivera holding a cane because he tore his meniscus. Senator Rivera said that he will need surgery that he is scheduling for July or August during the summer recess from Albany.  

  Saturday at the Claremont Community Neighborhood Center located at 489 E. 169th Street Emblem Health and State Senator Gustavo Rivera hosted an Obesity Prevention event. 

This free educational event  highlighted the importance of BMI health screening, the health risks of obesity, and the benefits of weight loss. It also featured interactive opportunities for the attendees, including:
· Tips for health food shopping on a budget
· Demo for evaluating sugar-sweetened beverages including sample bottles/labels
· Private Weekly Weight Assessment and Review of Food Journals

  There were several professionals from Emblem in attendance from nurses to dieticians. Healthy food was also offered to those who attended.

The Body Mass Index chart is discussed as to just what the numbers mean and how to find the right BMI number for each person. 

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