Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Van Nest Neighborhood Alliance May Meeting

  While the usual neighborhood news about the Van Nest area was discussed, and there were reports from the local elected officials the main topic of discussion was the mail in zip codes 10460, 10461 and 10462. Bronx Postmaster Scott Farrar, Area manager Frances Paulino and customer service representatives from the three post offices tried to answer questions from the audience. 

Questions raised about the post office varied from getting mail at 6 PM or later, getting the wrong mail, not getting ones mail, the long wait at branch offices, employee rudeness, and where to park when going to the 10460 post office. Bronx Postmaster Farrar said that there are 65 positions currently open in the Bronx, sometimes new mail carriers make mistakes because they are not as familiar with the routes as the regular mail carriers, the rudeness will be addressed, and he suggested that mail not be placed in boxes after the last pick up time. 

The five representatives of the United States Postal Service with the executive board of the Van Nest Neighborhood Alliance.

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