Thursday, October 17, 2019

Police-involved Shooting in the 52 Precinct, Bronx October 17, 2019

 Remarks as Prepared for Chief of Department Terence Monahan

Good evening. With me tonight is the Chief of Patrol Rodney Harrison, Assistant Chief Larry Nikunen, the Commanding Officer of Patrol Borough Bronx, and Deputy Inspector Thomas Alps, Commanding Officer of the 52nd Precinct.
Before I provide a briefing, I want to remind everyone that the information I am about to provide is preliminary and is subject to change as we are only a few hours into the investigation.
Earlier this afternoon in the Bronx, at approximately 3 pm, three officers in uniform, in a marked police vehicle, assigned to the 52 Precinct, observed an SUV occupied by two individuals traveling in the area of Bainbridge Avenue, approaching East 211 Street with the driver of the vehicle not wearing a seatbelt.
At this time, the officers turned on their police emergency lights and initiated a car stop. After turning right onto East 211 Street the vehicle stopped for the officers. Two police officers approached the car on the driver's side and a sergeant approached the vehicle on the passenger side. Using their department smartphones, the officers determined that the driver of the vehicle had three open warrants. The officers then directed the man to exit the vehicle so he could be placed under arrest.
As the officers attempted to arrest him outside the vehicle, the man physically resisted and got back into the car.
While both front doors of the car were still open, the male initiated a violent struggle. The sergeant immediately deployed his taser for multiple cycles. While it appeared to be a successful deployment it failed to end the struggle.
During the struggle, the man shifted the car into drive, moving the car forward and backwards, with the sergeant still inside the vehicle.
When the car was put in reverse, the officer on the driver's side had to release his grip on the male and jump out of the way to avoid getting struck by the car. The driver's door then quickly closed.
This violent struggle between the male and the officers lasted approximately one and a half minutes before the shot was fired.
At this time the sergeant fired one round from his service weapon striking the male in the chest. The officers then began to render aid.
The male was pronounced deceased at Saint Barnabas Hospital.
The passenger, who was in the vehicle during the encounter, was unharmed.
All three officers were taken to a local hospital for evaluation.
This incident occurred less than three hours ago and the investigation is ongoing. What we can tell you at this time is the male was found with a substantial amount of narcotics consisting of what appears to be cocaine, heroin and molly on him.

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