Thursday, October 31, 2019

Read Along with Speaker Heastie and Senator Bailey

 The Eastchester Library on Gun Hill Road Wednesday morning was the place to be if you wanted to read a book with New York State Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie and State Senator Jamaal Bailey. Speaker Heastie read from the book Undefeated, While Senator Jamaal Bailey read from the book Crown. 

Both elected officials talked softly and slow to the children (a break from the normal Albany Chatter), while keeping the children interested in the books being read. This was a usual read-along that takes place on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, but there were special guests to read to the children Jean Pomphile (Executive Director for the East Bronx Network)  said. He added  that about once a month or so a special guest may drop in to read to the children.

Above - Speaker Heastie reading from his book Undefeated.
Below - Senator Jamaal Bailey reading from his book Crown.  

The staff of the Eastchester Library with Speaker Hestie and Senator Bailey

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