Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Taken From the CB 10 Monthly Full Board Meeting Minutes - Who Didn't Vote on the Public Hearing? 30 Attended 29 Votes

Bronx Community Board 10



October 17, 2019 at 7:00 P.M.
Riverbay Corporation
2049 Bartow Avenue, Room 31
Bronx, New York 10475

PRESENT: T. Accomando, R. Baez, R. Barbarelli, R. Bieder, P. Cantillo, M. Caruso, T. Chambers, Col. W. Chin, A. Chirico, L. Council, M. Davila, T. Franklin, I. Guanill, D. Krynicki, J. Marano, M. Morris, D. Noble, L. Popovic, J. Robert, J. Russo, T. Smith, J. Thomas, M. Velazquez,
(total # present = 30)

ABSENT: H. Acampora, D. Hunt, M. Johnson, J. McQuade, M.J. Musano, J. Onwu, C. Papastefanou, N. Rosario, N. Sala, A. Salimbene, P. Sullivan, S. Woods (total # absent 12 =)

Chairman Joseph Russo began the meeting at 7:00 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.

A PUBLIC HEARING on 2021 CAPITAL AND EXPENSE BUDGET PRIORITIES (CEBP) was held. Members of the Bronx Community Board #10 community were encouraged to bring forth ideas/suggestions for the Board's 2021 Capital and Expense Budget Priorities and present them at this public hearing.

“Resolved...at the recommendation of the Executive Board of Bronx Community Board #10 that the District Manager submit the annual District Needs Statement for Fiscal Year 2021 to the Mayor of the City of New York and Department of City Planning as part of our annual Charter requirement and that this be forwarded to the Full Board for its approval.”

A motion to accept the Resolution was made by Mr. Bieder, seconded by Mr. Accomando with the following vote: unanimous by all (29) members present. The Resolution passed.this be forwarded to the Full Board for its approval.”


First, the minutes make mention of thirty members being present, but only twenty-nine voting on the resolution. Which members voted for the resolution, and which member did not vote or was not present? A listing of those who voted should be a part of the minutes.

Having been a community board Budget Committee Chair that made up a District Needs Statement, I went into the CB 10 office on Tuesday October 15th 2019 and asked to view the CB 10 District Needs Statement for Fiscal Year 2021. Less than two days before the meeting I was told that the district manager had not made it up yet, and if I wanted to talk to the district manager by the very helpful associate in the office. 

I decided the best thing to do was to look at the Land Use Item also to be voted on at the full board meeting in less than two days. While I was looking at the zoning change from C7 to C82 the district manager left the office, did not say a word to me, and did not return until after I was finished.

I sent this to Mr. Tom Lucania Director of Community Boards for Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. I said it takes time to make up a District Needs Statement, (having done so myself), and I questioned how one could be done in less than thirty-six hours. 

I received back from Mr. Lucania that the district manager offered to talk to me, and I declined. I sent back to Mr. Lucania that it was the associate in the office that suggested I speak to the district manager, who at no time said anything to me even as he passed by me as he left the office.

With no Fiscal Year 2021 District Needs Statement the Fiscal Year 2020 District Needs Statement was sent out first thing the next morning, one day before the public hearing.

Is this any way to run a Community Board CB 10 Chair Joseph Russo?

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