Thursday, October 24, 2019

Team AOC - Mark Zuckerberg

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for Congress

Yesterday, AOC posed a simple question to Mark Zuckerberg: “Will Facebook take down lies?” His answer was basically ‘no.’ So if we wanted to run ads saying Republicans in competitive primaries voted for the Green New Deal (an obvious lie), we’d “probably” not get in trouble, according to Mark.

Video of AOC confronting Zuckerberg went viral — it’s been viewed and shared millions of times. And it’s all thanks to grassroots supporters like you..

That means AOC doesn’t have to spend her time dialing for dollars like typical politicians. Thanks to your support, she can focus on doing her job in the House, holding powerful people like Zuckerberg to account.

Zuckerberg’s answer means the Trump campaign can lie with impunity, and Facebook will have no problem taking their cash. And given Trump’s awful relationship with reality and truth, you can be sure those ads filled with lies are being prepared as we speak.
  • Ads that say Medicare for All will cancel Medicare for seniors? Fair game.
  • Ads that say the Green New Deal will ban meat? All good for Facebook.
  • Ads that say climate change isn’t real? Totally. Fine.
You see where we’re going here. Trump can lie all he wants! That’s incredibly dangerous for our democracy.

Team AOC 

This came in from Team AOC, and was edited to delete any requests for donations.

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