Thursday, June 11, 2020

500 Boxes of Groceries Given out by Councilman Andy King, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adam, and Others.

  Tuesday morning one lane of Gun Hill Road in front of Councilman Andy King's office was closed off so Fresh Direct could unload 500 boxes of groceries that were to be handed out to the community. An equal amount of face masks were also given to the community, 

Brooklyn Borough President and candidate for mayor in 2021 Eric Adam came all the way from Brooklyn to join Councilman King, to hand out the groceries. Larry Scott Blackmon Vice-President of Operation for Fresh Direct was also on hand. After the boxes of groceries were handed out Councilman King, BP Adams, and others held a press conference about the state of District 12 and the city.

Above - Larry Scott Blackmon Vice-President of Fresh Direct helps bring one of the 500 boxes of groceries donated by Fresh Direct, which is part of over one-hundred thousand boxes of groceries donated by Fresh Direct so far during the COVID-19 crisis.
Below- Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams talks over how the event will go.

Above - The food giveaway begins.
Below - After the boxes of food are given out there is a press conference with Brooklyn Borough President (and 2021 Mayoral candidate) Eric Adams.

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