Friday, June 26, 2020

BioReference Covid-19 Testing is Fraud - Do Not Get Tested By BioReference See Below Why. The DOI Needs to Investigate This.Fraud

I received this from BioReference telling me I did not have the COVID-19 test done that I scheduled. The test was was done on May 16, 2020.


Dear New Yorker, 
Our records show that you previously signed up for a 
NYC COVID-19 antibody survey appointment but were 
unable to attend that appointment. The City is now 
scheduling appointments for five (5) new antibody 
survey sites starting on Friday, June 26, 2020.To sign 
up for an appointment, visit the link below.
Schedule Your Appointment
NYC & BioReference Laboratories
BioReference did a COVID-19 Anti Body test on me May 16, 2020 at its 3rd Avenue site in the Bronx, so why are they telling me I did not have the test done.
When I went to get my results four days after I had the test done, I would of had to agree to an agreement that included becoming a patient of BioReference, that BioReference could not keep your personal information secure since third parties are used and given the results of the test, that the agreement could be changed at any time, and there was a paragraph about payment of services. This tet is listed as costing $82.00 on BioReferences website.
I would not agree to BioReference's terms thus I did not get my result. 

Being a reporter who gets to question Mayor de Blasio, I asked him why I could not get the results, and what third parties are involved that receive ones personal information. 
I was told the third party is probably the Department of Health, and the mayor's office would assist in getting my result. 
The mayor's office failed at getting my test results, each attempt said I would have to agree to BioReference's terms, which I will not. 

Since it was mentioned that the Department of Health would be one of the third parties that receives my test results, I have sent a Freedom Of Information Letter to the NYC Department of Health for my BioReference test results. 

I had the test done at my doctors office recently and the test said I have plenty of anti bodies, which could be the reason I got over the Coronavirus quickly. I would still like to see how accurate the BioReference test results are.

Above - One of BioReferences employees checked you in at the entrance to the site.
Below - The area where my blood was drawn for the COVID-19 test. 

These photos are proof that I had the test done, so why is BioReference saying I didn't? For another $82.00?

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