Sunday, June 21, 2020

Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez is a Spiteful Hypocrite, and Here Is Why

As for the request of just ten people in the room by Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez for the Parkchester Times Debate, this reporter calls AOC is a hypocrite and here is why. If you watched News 12 they covered AOC voting. The camera person was filming inside the poll site, and there were over 20 people in the room when AOC voted. AOC did not request that all but a total of ten people be in the room as she did for the Parkchester Times debate. In the interview after voting she said the poll workers were socially distanced, something the Parkchester Times wanted to have done, but was not allowed by AOC. The few reporters were to be socially distanced more than 20 feet away from the stage area in the large banquet hall almost the same size as the poll site where AOC voted.

Since Governor Cuomo had reporters less than ten feet away from him, and over 25 people in the room when he gave his live updates he took questions from reporters who were in the room with him. The Parkchester Times wanted no more than twenty people in the room with reporters more than twenty feet from the stage area. However AOC said no, she said ten people only in the room or I won't take part in the debate. That was probably because this reporter called out AOC in a 2020 Facebook ad for not wearing a face mask in the ad while campaigning. We were told the photo was from 2018, false advertising. This reporter also picked up a poster of AOC from her campaign telling the campaign on the way out that the poster would be placed on the chair for AOC if she did not show up for the Parkchester Debate.
As I walked inside the poll site where AOC had voted I was wearing my face mask. The second person I encountered inside the poll site was not wearing a face mask, and put it on upon knowing that I was from the media. I noticed of the eighteen other poll workers inside two also did not have face masks on and they put them on as the person I met, went around the room to make sure all the poll workers had their face masks on. Even though News 12 was able to film inside the poll site, I was told I could not take any photos inside the poll site. I did take some photos as I went out the door, one of which shows ten people all whom were not socially distanced from each other. With a celebrity like AOC in the room there could be no way that social distancing occurred, and that was proven by how many people were filmed around AOC while she voted.

Here there are seven poll workers for three voters, and a total of ten people in just this area who are not socially distanced inside the poll site AOC voted.

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