Wednesday, June 10, 2020

News from Assemblywoman Nathalia Fernandez

Change to our Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement System

The New York State Legislature has passed vital law enforcement and criminal justice reform bills to address a much growing concern within our country.

New Laws Taking Effect – June 2020 

Effective Date 
Bill Number 
Ch. 345 of 2019 
Reduces the teacher tenure probationary period from four years to three years for school administrators moving to a new administrative position. 
Ch. 59 of 2020 
Part J, Sec. 4 
Eliminates the excise tax on liquors containing no more than 2 percent of alcohol by volume. 
Ch. 55 of 2020 
Part G, Sec. 6 
Subsec. 1, 4 
Moves adolescent offenders from the Department of Corrections and Community Supervision to the Office of Children and Family Services. 
Ch. 758 of 2019 
Ch. 55 of 2020 
Subpart Y, Sec. 3 
Ensures utility employees earn prevailing wages and receive homeland security training. 
Ch. 621 of 2019 
Requires courts to maintain data on limited English proficient litigants. 
Ch. 675 of 2019 
Requires day care providers to be trained in adverse childhood experiences. 
Ch. 678 of 2019 
Clarifies that enhanced training requirements for fire chiefs apply to both professional and volunteer firefighters. 
Ch. 681 of 2019 
Ch. 55 of 2020 
Subpart S, Sec. 5 
Provides HIV-post exposure medical care for sexual assault victims and streamlines the process to obtain reimbursement by the Office of Victim Services. 
Ch. 662 of 2019 
Ch. 75 of 2020 
Directs the Department of Health to establish obstetric hemorrhage protocols to be implemented by hospitals and make the information available on its website. 
Ch. 690 of 2019 
Ch. 70 of 2020 
Expands eligibility for those who receive awards under crime victims' compensation to include a domestic partner and provides for out-of-pocket loss to include the cost of counseling for surviving family members of homicide victims. 
Ch. 706 of 2019 
Authorizes the Department of Motor Vehicles to issue manufacturer license plates. 
Ch. 707 of 2019 
Expedites court cases in which there is an appeal to stop the disclosure of records. 
Ch. 708 of 2019 
Authorizes physician assistants to act regarding orders to provide life sustaining treatments and orders not to resuscitate, as well as to make capacity determinations for purposes of witnessing health care proxies. 
Ch. 715 of 2019 
Ch. 71 of 2020 
Requires domestic violence and sexual assault awareness education for persons engaged in the practice of nail specialty, waxing, natural hair styling, esthetics and cosmetology. 
Ch. 718 of 2019 
Ch. 76 of 2020 
Ensures that pregnant women and new mothers receive information on complications that could endanger the life or health of the newborn or mother. 
Ch. 721 of 2019 
Ch. 55 of 2020 
Subpart J, Sec. 3 
Requires the Office for the Aging to establish an LGBT sexual discrimination program to train employees working with older adults. 
Ch. 740 of 2019 
Ch. 31 of 2020 
Requires a statement from a medical professional in order to obtain a driver’s license when a driver has experienced a loss of consciousness. 
Ch. 742 of 2019 
Parts B, C, F 
Clarifies the process of organ donation under the Uniform Anatomical Gift Act. 
Ch. 744 of 2019 
Ch. 86 of 2020 
Requires information regarding supplemental benefits paid to employees on public work contracts to be provided to the employee in their primary language. 
Ch. 368 of 2019 
Establishes a pilot program for the delivery of the motor vehicle pre-licensing course via the internet. 
Ch. 752 of 2019 
Ch. 55 of 2020 
Subpart R 
Enacts the NY Call Center Jobs Act to prohibit state contracts and loans for companies that move jobs out of the state or country. 

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