Wednesday, July 22, 2020

An Update from Comptroller DiNapoli: NY's Economy & Finances in the COVID-19 Era

Message From New York State Comptroller
Unemployment Insurance Payments
Balloon During COVID-19

Approved payments to New York recipients for Unemployment Insurance totaled $32.1 billion from March 1 through July 17, with steep increases in payments following the onset of the pandemic. In the most recent weeks for which data are available, approved payments during the first half of July added $5.7 billion to those in the preceding months shown in the nearby chart. By comparison, during all of calendar year 2019, approved Unemployment Insurance payments for New Yorkers totaled just $2.1 billion.

Unemployment payments have been a financial lifeline for households all across New York. But the flow of support to the unemployed is scheduled to slow significantly in coming days, as some supplemental benefits Congress enacted earlier this year are set to expire in late July.

The State Comptroller's office is committed to keeping New Yorkers regularly updated on the state's economy and finances.

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