Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Assemblyman Dinowitz and Congressman Espaillat Give Out Face Masks and Hand Sanitizer


Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz stands outside his office holding a pack of face masks as he waited for the next person to come to his table. Also in his other hand he has a giant sized bottle of hand sanitizer where people could refill their empty bottles of hand sanitizer they have. Also on hand at the next table were representatives of the U.S. Census making sure to ask people if they filled out the U.S. Census. If someone said they did not fill out the U.S. Census the ladies brought out their laptop to record the quick and easy information. Congressman Espaillat had to leave for a tele-conference before we arrived. 

Above - Assemblyman Dinowitz with his Chief of Staff Randi Martos (at his side), and other helpers who assist several people seeking additional face masks and hand sanitizer.

Below - U.S. Census workers help this person fill out the U.S. Census. 

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