Monday, August 17, 2020



 The Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club has announced that it will hold the first forum for all nine declared candidates for Manhattan District Attorney on Tuesday, August 18 at 6 p.m. The online forum will be open to the public, with registration required in advance, and all club members may participate. The link to register is on the attached invitation.

The Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club is scheduling this forum to give club members and others interested an early opportunity to assess the nine candidates. Allen Roskoff, the club President, said, “this forum is a historic opportunity to get an early look at the candidates for one of the most important offices in the country.”

The forum grows out of the club’s strong, longstanding interest in criminal justice issues. The club has advocated for many years for clemency for elderly and other prisoners who have paid their debt to society and proven they are ready to contribute once again. The club has been a leader in the effort to enact progressive legislation to make the legal system less punitive and more oriented towards rehabilitation, including proposed state legislation to decriminalize sex work, and to repeal an anti-loitering statute commonly known as the “walking while trans” law.

Mr. Roskoff noted, “The Manhattan District Attorney is an extremely high profile position, and its importance cannot be emphasized enough. In recent years, cities from Philadelphia to San Francisco have elected progressive district attorneys determined to reverse the excesses of over-zealous prosecution. The Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club intends to do everything possible to ensure that the next Manhattan District Attorney sets a standard for progressive values that is second to none. 

The following nine candidates will participate in the forum: Tahanie Aboushi; Alvin Bragg; Liz Crotty; Diana Florence; Lucy Lang; Janos Marton; Eliza Orlins; Assemblymember Dan Quart; and Tali Farhadian Weinstein. 

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