Sunday, September 27, 2020

Bronx Progressives Virtual Meeting - Wednesday, September 30th 2020 at 6:00pm


Join Fellow Progressives for our September Meeting!

When: Wednesday, September 30th, 6pm

For agenda click here.
Greetings Bronx Progressives Members!
How are you all? Hope this email finds you all well, and that your loved ones are healthy and safe during the pandemic. As I write this, I am reminded that several long months have passed by since we’ve last held a meeting. So much has happened since not only in our own personal lives, but as a society. This health crisis has changed us forever!
With that said, Bronx Progressives has been on hiatus since the pandemic broke out, and because of other internal challenges we’ve been facing as a group. At this moment we find ourselves in a very difficult and painful situation of deciding what is the future of Bronx Progressives. Do we disband it or create a plan of action to reactivate the group? 
Join us, Wednesday, September 30th at 6pm, to take part in this crucial discussion about the future of Bronx Progressives. Your feedback and participation are crucial!
We will also have a special guest joining us. Sochie Nnaemeka, Working Families Party NYS Director, will be joining us to chat about the upcoming elections, and the Working Families Party.
We will also discuss the upcoming election on November 3, and how to plan your vote.
When: Wednesday, September 30th at 6pm

***This meeting is ADA accessible and is a safe space for all races, religions, sexes, gender identities, ages and beliefs***

Bronx Progressives September General Meeting - Wednesday, September 30


  • Greetings and Welcomes (2 Mins.)

  • Overview of the agenda (3 Mins.)

  • House Rules (5 Mins.)

  • Reviewing the Zoom features

  • Adding your name/neighborhood you live in to chat box

  • Sign-in form

  • Introducing Sochie Nnaemeka from Working Families Party

  • Sochie Nnaemeka speaks (15 Mins.)

  • Q&A (10 Mins.)

  • Upcoming Elections and Creating a voting plan (10 Mins.)

  • History Recap of Bronx Progressives (10 Mins.)

  • What is Bronx Progressives?

  • Recent developments and COVID

  • The future of Bronx Progressives (10 Mins.)

  • Where do we go from here? 

  • To disband or reactivate/The significance of disbanding/The significance of reactivating 

  • An urgent call to reactivate/reboot Bronx Progressives. Why?

  • Around the room discussion/Feedback (20 Mins.)

  • What would reactivating and creating a new Bronx Progressives look like? As Progressives, what role do we want to play in the community? What work that Bronx Progressives has accomplished, and the brand that we have built over the years should we advance, continue, improve? What should we forgo? What issues or projects should we be involved with?

  • Next Steps (10 Mins.)

  • A call to action on reactivating Bronx Progressives

  • Recruitment of reliable members to serve in a steering committee to reactivate Bronx Progressives

  • Scheduling a meeting with members of the steering committee to begin discussion on formation of new Bronx Progressives

  • Adjourn

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