Monday, October 5, 2020

City Council votes to Expel Councilman Andy King


Councilman Andy King with his lawyers and supporters outside his office Friday answering the charges of the City Council Ethics Committee to be voted on today.

By a vote of 48 - 2 the New York City Council has taken steps to expel City Councilman Andy King of the North East Bronx from the New York City Council. 

It is now unclear what will happen since the last time the council held such a vote was eighty or ninety years ago according to one councilman who voted in favor of the expulsion. 

Will there be a special election, just who will be running the 12th City Council District, and what will happen to the current staff of the 12th City Council District> 

There is also the probability of a lawsuit by Councilman King as was said in a press conference that was held on Friday by his lawyer who claimed that Councilman King was being accused of things that he did not do. 

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