Sunday, October 18, 2020

New York City Department of Traffic Getting Tough on Those Who Park in Red Zones


If you park in a Red Zone (No Standing Anytime) you are liable to have your car booted, and then towed away by the New York City Department of Traffic. 

Saturday morning I came upon a situation where I saw a NYCDOT tow truck on Pelham Parkway South at Wallace Avenue. I asked the tow truck operator what was going on, and she politely answered I am here to pick up the car that has been booted in the Red Zone. 

After crossing the street I saw a boot that was placed on the front passenger tire so the car could not be moved out of the Red Zone it was in. There was also a ticket on the car's windshield. 

Above - The NYCDOT tow truck at the corner of Pelham Parkway South and Wallace Avenue.

Below - The car with a boot on its front passenger wheel, which is clearly parked in a Red 'No Standing Anytime' Zone.

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