Friday, October 16, 2020

Third Avenue Business Improvement District - South Bronx Vibes // Programs, Free Resources, and More


Fall is in the air. Third Avenue Business Improvement District is rolling into Autumn with a full program schedule, enhanced security and sanitation services, public art programs, small business development and so much more! We understand that COVID-19 has had a deep impact on our community and pledge ourselves to not only providing bread and butter resources, but also the resources that make our neighborhood what it is - diverse, vibrant, and full of life. 

Part of this commitment is represented by new staff hires to provide enhanced services to the area. We would like to welcome the following new Third Avenue Business Improvement District team members:
  • Glenn Hawker, Equitable Economic Development Coordinator, Port Morris - Mott Haven
  • Tony Kee, Public Health Peer Outreach, HUB - Third Avenue
  • Kashawn Wright, Clean Street Team member, Port Morris - Mott Haven
  • Mariam Sanogo, Clean Street Team member, HUB - Third Avenue
  • Omar Sherief, Clean Street Team member, HUB - Third Avenue
  • Daniel Hightower, Clean Street Team member, HUB - Third Avenue
  • Rolando Segura, Clean Street Team member, HUB - Third Avenue
  • Hector Espada, Security Team
  • Erick Guity, Security Team
  • Steven Degreee, Security Team
  • David Lugo, Security Team
Please join me in welcoming these new members to the team.  When critical services have been cut from our neighborhoods by New York City - Third Avenue BID has stepped in and stepped up to provide additional resources to ensure that the South Bronx is not left behind.

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the Cluster Action Initiative,
a tool to reduce community transmission of #COVID19. The district
is currently in category yellow and we are monitoring the health
indicators and working closely with City and State partners to
prepare should any changes in transmission rates occur.

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