Friday, September 10, 2021

118 Days and Counting


My husband, Governor Bill de Blasio. Charlene I'm not governor yet, I'm still the mayor of New York City. With all the 9/11 remembrances going on in the city, we have to stay in town. We can always go to our Brooklyn townhouse to go over strategy for my campaign for governor.

It will be twenty years now. Mayor Giuliani tried to stay in office another term, but then Mayor Elect Michael Bloomberg said the city must go on, and we can get along without you Rudy. Eight years later Bloomberg convinced the City Council to change the law so Bloomberg and the City Council could stay in office for another four years. Am I to late to try to convince this City Council to extend the term limits law? What's that the City Council can't do it, and I would have to get the State Legislature to do it, and they hate me. Charlene pack your bags, we are going to be voted off this island. 

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