Wednesday, September 8, 2021

NYPD Announces Citywide Crime Statistics for August 2021


Murder, Shooting Incidents and Overall Crime Declines Compared with August 2020

 For the month of August 2021, the number of murders and shooting incidents in New York City declined compared with August 2020. Murder decreased by 8.6% (53 v. 58) while shooting incidents decreased by 30.7% (167 v. 241). Overall crime in the city decreased by 5.4% (8,824 v. 9,330) in August. While the department made 343 gun arrests for the month of August 2021, a 6.3 % decrease compared with last August, gun arrests for the first eight months of 2021 have increased by 37% (3,025 v. 2,208) compared with gun arrests through August 2020 and are up 30.3% (3,025 v. 2,321) compared with the number of gun arrests through August 2019.

In August 2021, the decrease in overall index crime in the city, compared with August 2020, was driven by a 27.2% decrease in burglary (998 v. 1,371), and a 10.9% decrease in robbery (1,156 v. 1,298). For the month of August, Grand Larceny Auto decreased by 5% (1,022 v. 1,076), while the crime of grand larceny posted a 4.1% increase (3,422 v. 3,287) compared to the previous year.

The crime reductions of August deepen those experienced in June and July, reflecting the NYPD’s relentless focus on precision policing to reduce violence across New York City. In fact, the number of overall index crimes reported in the city through the end of August is the lowest tally for the first eight months of any calendar year since the start of the modern CompStat era nearly three decades ago.

Our NYPD officers have made consistent progress in curtailing gun violence, anchored by the department’s continuing to build strong long-term cases against those who carry out violence using firearms. For the month of August, the number of shootings declined in every borough of the city except Staten Island, where the number remained constant (2 v. 2), compared to the previous year. As we have repeatedly said, there is more work to do to continue driving down the kind of violence that tears at the fabric of our city. Our officers relentlessly work to connect those who commit violent acts with their crimes and thus boost our ability to clear cases and ensure a measure of justice for victims. As the court system expands its operational capacity, the NYPD and its prosecutorial partners will continue presenting long-term case investigations that expressly hold accountable these drivers of violence.

Integral to the department’s steady public safety strategy is working with community partners, addressing local concerns and implementing intelligence-driven plans. Every act of violence that occurs is analyzed in real time by NYPD commanders who remain flexible in their deployment of officers to violence hotspots as well as their strategic use of overtime to increase police presence at critical times. The NYPD spares no resource and monitors every emerging crime trend to best utilize its committed personnel and to ensure offenders face meaningful criminal justice consequences.

“Every day, our Police Department, and our hardworking men and women who make it up, are continuing to develop better ways to police, encouraging better community relations and ensuring community safety for all,” said Police Commissioner Dermot Shea. “Our city’s common future depends on this unwavering commitment to safety, fairness, intelligence-driven policing, targeted deployments, and state-of-the-art training – all with the continuing aim of reducing the damaging impact of criminality and violence in New Yorkers’ lives.”

Statistics on Index Crimes

   August 2021August 2020+/-%YTD 2021YTD 2020+/-%
Fel. Assault20322110-78-3.7%1449513853+672+4.9%

Here are the Bronx murder rates which was up 60% for August 2021, and Year to date which is up 40% for the year 2021 so far. 
CompStat Bronx Report Covering the Week 8/30/2021 Through 9/5/202
Murder - 28 Day - 2021 2020  Chg - 24 - 15 60.0% increase.
Murder - Year to Date*-  2021 2020 Chg - 105 - 75 40.0% increase.

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