Sunday, September 5, 2021

What Happens When You Put Your Name, Address, Email, and Phone Number Down?


We apologize to Congressman Ritchie Torres, but we just received this asking for us to put our name email and zip code.

When you put your name and email down you will receive many emails that are computer generated for whatever the congressman's office wants to send you including campaign solicitations, and to vote for them. The reason for your zip code, is to see if you live in the congressional district, so your name can be removed if you don't.

Ritchie Torres For Congress

The Supreme Court ended the eviction moratorium 
in just one of many acts of right-wing judicial 

This will cause undue burden on the people of this 
country in the midst of a COVID resurgence, and 
frankly, it’s outrageous.


We’re disgusted by not surprised. The far-right factions of 

the Supreme Court have blocked the eviction moratorium.

There is no reason for people to fear not having a 

place to live.

But if the legislative branch of our government doesn’t, we 

could be facing a reality where, in the midst of a pandemic, 

the homelessness crisis is further exacerbated.

It doesn’t have to be this way. We have the power to 

make real change here.

Please, take just a few seconds and add your 

name to EXPAND the eviction moratorium »

Thank you,

Torres HQ

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