Thursday, October 14, 2021

79 Days and Counting


Those weren't cheers and greetings for me in the Bronx Columbus Day Parade Sunday. Those people in the Bronx were outright mean to me Charlene. I bet they would have driven me out of office on railroad tracks as in the old days. We better start packing up everything that is not nailed down.

I also have to worry about that Department of Investigation person whom I put in charge there. Her report makes me appear that I misappropriated funds of over three-hundred thousand dollars. They put Alan Hevisi in jail for less than that. Now you know why I did not want to visit Rikers Island, but it is good that the 'No Cash Bail Law' is in effect, because all I would have to do is sign myself out, an leave the country. There goes my chance at being Governor of New York.

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