Wednesday, October 13, 2021

80 Days and Counting


I am making more appearances in the Bronx, because as your current Governor said, the state goes the way the Bronx goes. Governor Hochul's power is in conservative upstate New York where she comes from, and it was upstate New York's loss of population that will make New York lose one congressional district.

Thanks to me New York City grew by over 500,000 people, and I am the one person who can repopulate upstate New York. I did it in New York City, and I can do it for upstate New York. New York City has survived the COVID-19 pandemic thanks to my quick thinking, and under my guidance New York City is returning better than it was. However just like my mentor Former Mayor David Dinkins who started the Safe Streets program, it was Mayor Giuliani who got all the credit. So as I have laid all the groundwork, it will be Mayor Adams who will get all the credit, not me. People will say Thumbs down, call me a Commie, and the worse mayor New York City ever had, but that's all right because I will become the next governor of New York State.

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