Tuesday, December 21, 2021

12 Days and Counting

 The sky is falling Omicron is here, and it is going to hit the unvaccinated. Even if you are vaccinated you should get your booster shot to be safe, an if you get your Booster by December 31st or the last day I am Mayor the city will give you $100.00. Dr. Chokshi where are you, I want my Booster so I can put that one hundred dollar into my campaign for governor. I had one, can I have another?

What, That Ace Reporter Robert Press has a question for me, No, No No, I do not want to take a question from him. Robert Press will ask me for exact numbers of Omicron cases, and two days ago we only had 41 total cases in the city, an the state had only 129. I told Governor Hochul not to publish those figures again or we can not scare the public into getting vaccinated if those figures every got out. So the sky is falling and get your hundred dollars for getting your Booster shot, and we will come to you. Close schools, no, and New Years Eve, we don't know yet.

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