Tuesday, December 14, 2021

20 Days and Counting


The days are counting down to where those pesky reporters won't be able to ask me if I am running for governor. Today for example no one asked me if I thought my chances of getting elected were any better before Letitia James dropped out of the governor's race. 

So, as we prepare to conclude this administration, we're focusing on finishing strong, fighting COVID every day, getting this city strong for its recovery. But we're also looking at all the things that have been done over the last eight years and providing a final summary to New Yorkers of what's been achieved, particularly how we acted on a vision. The vision from the beginning was clear in every way we could stop the tail of two cities. We knew it was a longstanding reality. The inequality gripping our society was intense eight years ago. I'm happy to tell you that some of the things we've put into place over these last eight years have had a real impact and I'm also really happy to tell you that we've actually gotten some of the real help we needed from the federal government and more is coming. 

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