Monday, December 6, 2021

27 Days and Counting

Doctor Chokshi you know that you already gave me COVID shot, booster shot, and flu shot, so don't jab me this time. I just want to make it look like you are giving me a shot so we can get more people who have not gotten vaccinated yet, get vaccinated now. I also want to go down in history as the mayor who saved New York City from COVID the one-hundred year pandemic. 

It will also be a boost for my campaign for governor. The Mayor who saved New York City. None of my other opponent will be able to say that. David Patterson, I mean Kathy Hochul won't be able to say that or Letitia James, Tom Suozzi, or Jumaane Williams who agreed with my full vaccine mandate. Is there something you can do for me as to why I keep calling Kathy Hochul, David Patterson. What's that I keep doing that because both were never elected governor. 

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