Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Muslim Media Corporation - Update on the Bronx Fire Tragedy.


Greetings Family,
This is a quick update on the Bronx Fire Tragedy.
1. We are extremely grateful for all humanitarian assistance being rendered by individuals, groups and government agencies on behalf of the affected families. These services are not only helpful but are being delivered with religious and cultural sensitivity.
2. While we’re still waiting for the final makeup of the deceased and severely injured victims, we are nonetheless bracing for the worst that the overwhelming majority of them would be African immigrants.
3. To manage such devastating tragedy that befell on so many families, requires delicate, sensitive, competent, confidential and altruistic approach.
4. All communications, coordinations, collaborations, funeral, memorial and post burial leadership activities are taking place at Islamic Cultural Center of the Bronx l, located at 371 East 166 Street, Bronx, NY 10456.
5. Funeral and burial services are expected to draw the largest public and media presence in recent memory and we would therefore like volunteers for crowd control in addition to our law enforcement agencies.
6. If you are affected and in need of services confidentially, such as immigration, debt, sickness, etc., please reach out to me or Bakary Camara for guidance and confidential assistance. According to elected officials, you should be able to obtain the needed assistance.
7. We expect to announce the funeral prayers soon and expect our people to show up in large numbers. We really appreciate your cooperation during the most painful experience to those directly affected. As a result, everything we do must be exclusively for the benefits of victims and nothing else.
8. All the funds raised regardless of the groups and entities raising them would be given to the victims. We will hold fundraisers accountable and have designed the Bronx Borough President’s office to ascertain compliance of one hundred percent distribution at the end.
Thank you God bless you all!
Sheikh Musa Drammeh
The Bronx Fire Tragedy Coordinator

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