Saturday, April 16, 2022

The Easter Bunny Hops Along Allerton Avenue


The day before Easter Sunday, the Easter Bunny was spotted hopping along Allerton Avenue. Officers from the 49th precinct in the area on patrol, stopped to make sure this was the real Easter Bunny hopping along on Allerton Avenue. 

The Easter Bunny met children to have his picture taken with them, and gave out colorful Easter eggs to the children. The  Easter Bunny then stopped in a few of the stores on Allerton Avenue to greet some of the people in them, and have his picture taken with them.

The Easter Bunny was standing outside the Sanz on Allerton Avenue Saturday morning.

Police officers from the 49th Precinct checked out a giant bunny on Allerton Avenue.

Above and below, the Easter Bunny was handing out Easter Eggs to the children from his basket of eggs. 

The Easter Bunny then hopped down the street to greet some of the people in the stores. While the sign said no dogs, it did not say no Easter Bunnies.

At the Hair Studio the Easter Bunny posed with the ladies.

Here the Easter Bunny waits for an egg sandwich with these ladies in the restaurant. 

At the cleaners the Easter Bunny was put to work pressing clothes.

Then it was back outside to meet some more children and give them some Easter eggs.

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