Friday, May 6, 2022

Statement from Speaker Adrienne E. Adams on Rent Guidelines Board Preliminary Vote


“Housing insecurity is a major issue, and the City is experiencing a troubling rise in evictions and high levels of homelessness during this period of pandemic-related economic challenges. While it’s positive that the Rent Guidelines Board reduced the potential range of proposed rent increases from one being the largest since 1990, I remain concerned and opposed to the higher ends of these ranges being counterproductive to the housing crisis facing New Yorkers. I urge the board to take a holistic view of our city’s economic health and reduce harms to struggling New Yorkers by staying in the lower range in its final decision. The City needs a comprehensive housing plan that includes deeper investments in affordable housing development and preservation to achieve the housing stability that makes our communities stronger and safer. Rent Guidelines Board proposals should be in sync with a larger strategy – one that includes tenants, homeowners, and landlords as key stakeholders to ensure New Yorkers remain in their homes and have sufficient access to sustainable housing.”

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