Thursday, June 21, 2018


  “The failure to preserve and expand life-saving speed cameras near New York City schools represents a massive failure of leadership. Kids will be in danger. Kids will lose their lives. The State Assembly majority has shown the way with their expansion bill. Senate Republicans haven't done their job until they pass the bill, which has majority support. Our families now need the Governor to do all he can to aid its passage and sign it into law. The Senate must return next week to keep our children safe.”


  No Mayor de Blasio the state legislature has done their job in deciding not to renew Speed Cameras. Speed Cameras were installed on a false pretence by DOT and former Mayor Bloomberg.

The DOT said it did a survey where over 90 percent of drivers were speeding (including those who were only one mile over the then 30 MPH speed limit) on a road which was assumed to be in front of PS 81 in the Bronx. 

State Senator Jeff Klein surveyed the road in front of the school, and while there were speeders the figures were much lower than the DOT's claim.

After the announcement of speed cameras I asked the representative from the DOT when they surveyed the street. I was told the DOT had surveyed at different times of the day, but I was also told that it was not the road in front of the school that was surveyed by the DOT. 

In order to inflate the speeding numbers the DOT surveyed a street several blocks away from the school. This road is behind the Russian Mission, at the entrance to the Henry Hudson Parkway south going into Manhattan, and also leads to the private community of Fieldston. 

Mr. Mayor more police officers are needed to catch not only drivers who speed, but also drivers who drive reckless , and should not be driving at all.  

Cynthia Nixon Discusses Plan to Fix Our Subway

 In light of yesterday's roof collapse, Democratic candidate for governor Cynthia Nixon will return to the Borough Hall Brooklyn bound platform in Brooklyn to discuss #CuomosMTA on Thursday.

On Wednesday, part of the ceiling collapsed on the Manhattan-bound 4/5 train platform, one of the busiest lines in the system. The MTA had not previously identified the station as in need of critical renovations. Cynthia first discussed her plan to at the Borough Hall station earlier this month.

As the Village Voice put it, “The MTA is now in the unenviable position of either explaining that it didn’t know the Borough Hall ceiling was in such a state of disrepair or that is simply didn’t bother to fix it. I’m not sure which is worse, and it doesn’t really matter. In either case, the onus is now on the MTA to prove its stations are structurally sound, because we simply cannot assume that anymore. The only thing we do know: Of the list of 50 or so stations two public authorities determined were most in need of critical renovations, Borough Hall was not one of them. Not to sound alarmist, but at this point, there’s no great reason to believe any station is safe.”


Senator Rivera Calls On the NYS Office of Children and Family Services To Utilize Oversight to Ensure Safety and Reunification of Separated Migrant Children  

  State Senator Gustavo Rivera condemns the Trump administration's inhumane implementation of its "zero tolerance" immigration policy, which has forcibly separated migrant children from their families while they await immigration proceedings. Senator Rivera is also calling on New York State agencies to utilize their oversight authority over not-for-profit organizations operating in New York that have been contracted by the federal government to house children affected by this policy.

Today, the Trump administration signed an Executive Order claiming to end family separations. However, the administration still aims to continue its policy of criminally prosecuting anyone crossing the border and indefinitely detaining families at facilities. It has also neglected to announce a course of action for implementing reunification plans for the children they have already separated from their families.
In the last several weeks, it has been reported that approximately 100 or more of these separated migrant children have been placed in 10 private facilities designated for unaccompanied and refugee minors in New York State, including three in The Bronx. Echoing the public outcry and repudiation toward such an abhorrent policy, Senator Rivera joined fellow New Yorkers in their support of Governor Cuomo's plan to file a lawsuit against the federal government over this policy.
"The reports of children being separated from their families immigrating to our country are distressing, unsettling, and maddening. The placement of approximately 100 separated children in New York State obliges us to elevate our responsibility to them by providing them with the care they deserve, and ultimately ensuring that they are reunified with their families," said State Senator Gustavo Rivera. "While bringing attention to this issue is certainly critical, I urge my colleagues in government, in the media, and members of the community to respect the privacy of children in such facilities. Separated children are enduring an already traumatizing and invasive experience and we must do everything we can to limit further anguish. We will continue working to ensure their health and safety."
Senator Rivera is also calling on the New York State Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) to deploy inspectors and medical experts to these facilities to ensure the children are receiving adequate accommodations and developmentally appropriate services. OCFS should also assist these providers in identifying every resource possible to help the families in the process of reunification. To that effect, Senator Rivera and his staff have been in touch with state providers that may be housing separated children in their facilities and that generally hold contracts with the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement to house unaccompanied minors.

Read Senator Rivera's letter to OCFS here

Engel: Trump’s New Executive Order “Fails to Solve the Problem He Created”

 Congressman Eliot L. Engel released the following statement:

“President Trump’s new Executive Order fails to solve the problem that he created. Migrant families will still be detained together indefinitely, and there is no plan to reunite the thousands of children already separated from their parents. In America, we should not have to choose between separating or incarcerating children. 

“We’ve seen children in cages, and heard their cries. Now, we’ve found out that these children are being shipped thousands of miles across the country. Reports indicate that thousands of children have been ripped from their families and are being held at more than 100 shelters in 17 states. I’ve confirmed that children are being held in my district, in New York – 2,000 miles away from their parents, without any indication of when they will be reunited.

“Unfortunately, this Administration refuses to be transparent. First, they denied that families were being torn apart, then they tried to blame Democrats, now the President has signed an Executive Order to end separation by detaining families indefinitely. This cannot continue.

“We need to know where each and every child is being held. Every single one of them.

“And we need concrete answers on how the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Health and Human Services plan to reunite these children with their families.”


On Friday, BP Diaz & Bronx Clergy Task Force will host a prayer vigil and rally Calling for the reunification of these children with their parents

  “My staff and I have received numerous inquiries regarding the news that children who have been separated from their parents at the border are being housed in The Bronx.

“Since this news of this humanitarian crisis was made public, my office has been in contact with the two social service providers that are contracted with the federal government to provide services for these children in our borough, Catholic Guardian Services and Lutheran Social Services of New York.

“Both of these organizations had been previously contracted by the federal government to provide services for unaccompanied minors, and in recent days have been forced to take on a new population of children who have been separated from their parents at the border.

“I have been assured by leadership at both organizations that these children are receiving the best possible care. They are not in prisons. They are going to school, receiving medical and counseling services, and are afforded legal representation in immigration court where appropriate. Given the sensitive nature of the current situation, as well as the need to protect these children from unwanted attention, the organizations will not disclose the locations where these children are being housed.

“My office will continue to monitor this difficult situation and be in touch with these social service providers to ensure these children are receiving the best of care. In the coming days my office will also be in touch with institutions across the city regarding ways the lives of these children can be made easier and more comfortable during their stay in this borough.

“President Trump’s cruelty is a stain on this nation.  On Friday, my office will host a prayer vigil and rally to call on this administration to reunite these children with their families and reverse this shameful, hateful, reprehensible policy,” said Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr.

The prayer vigil will take place on Friday, June 22, 2018, on the steps of The Bronx County Building, 851 Grand Concourse, Bronx, New York. The event will begin at12:00 p.m., and will be co-sponsored by the Bronx Clergy Task Force.

Chairman Crowley Statement on President Trump’s Executive Order that Continues the Detainment of Families

   House Democratic Caucus Chairman Joe Crowley released the following statement on President’s Trump executive order that continues the detainment of families:
“Our country has always been a beacon of light for those seeking safety and refuge. Instead of upholding these American values, President Trump has caged innocent babies and children. Tearing children out of the hands of their parents is immoral and inhumane, and should never have happened, let alone been an official policy of the United States. 
“While this order stops the separation of children from their parents, it does not end the administration’s despicable policy of unreasonably detaining asylum seekers and families fleeing violence. And the legislation put forward by House Republicans this week doubles down on this policy not only by allowing indefinite detention, but also by removing court-ordered protections that ensure safe conditions for detained children. President Trump and Republicans are manipulating the law and claiming a false choice to justify their anti-immigrant ideology. It is utterly shameful. 
“Instead of pushing legislation that endorses the Trump administration’s policy of detaining families, House Republicans should join Democrats in calling for an end to the policy and in making sure we reunite the families that have been ripped apart. The thousands of children who have spent days, weeks, and months without the love and support of their parents deserve nothing less.”

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Councilman Mark Gjonaj's Small Business Rally!

Councilman Mark Gjonaj's Small Business Rally!
Thursday, June 28th
City Hall


For more information, please call Councilman Mark Gjonaj's Office at 718-931-1721