Monday, August 29, 2016

“YGz” Gang Member Pleads Guilty To Attempted Murders In Connection With Racketeering Conspiracy

    Preet Bharara, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, announced that MICHAEL BROWN, a/k/a “Mighty,” pled guilty late last Friday to engaging in a racketeering conspiracy that involved his participation in two attempted murders in connection with his membership in a racketeering enterprise known as the “Young Gunnaz” (“YGz”), a violent street gang that operated in and around several housing developments in the South Bronx.  As part of his guilty plea, BROWN admitted to participating in: (a) an attempted murder of a member of the rival “Murda Moore Gangstas” gang (“MMG”) in which a lower-ranking YGz member shot and seriously injured a rival MMG member at the direction of BROWN, and (b) an attempted murder of members of the rival Lyman Place gang (“LPG”) in which BROWN fired gunshots that struck and injured at least two bystanders.  BROWN faces a maximum term of 20 years in prison, and will be sentenced before United States District Judge Valerie E. Caproni on November 28, 2016.
Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said: “The YGz gang turned the Bronx neighborhoods in which it operated into a war zone – terrorizing residents and innocent bystanders with violence stemming from its feuds with rivals, and flooding the streets with drugs.  Michael Brown’s guilty plea shows that law enforcement won’t give up until the perpetrators of gang violence are brought to justice.”
According to the controlling Indictment and other documents filed in the case, as well as statements made during the plea proceedings:
BROWN was a member of the Bronx-based street gang known as the YGz, a leading member of a set of the YGz based in the Mitchell Houses in the Bronx, and committed acts of violence with other gang members to further the interests of the gang.  From at least 2005 to June 2016, members and associates of the YGz enriched themselves by selling drugs, such as “crack” cocaine, heroin, and marijuana, and committed acts of violence, including murder and attempted murder, against various people, including rival gang members, rival drug traffickers, and innocent bystanders.  As part of this enterprise, members and associates of the YGz killed and attempted to kill other individuals. 
As part of his involvement in the YGz gang, BROWN participated in at least two attempted murders of members of rival gangs.  First, in or about 2008, BROWN himself fired gunshots at and attempted to murder rival LPG gang members and ended up hitting and injuring two bystanders in the vicinity of Lyman Place in the Bronx.  Second, on or about November 15, 2011, at the direction of BROWN, a lower-ranking member of the Millbrook set of the YGz shot and seriously injured a rival MMG gang member near the Moore Houses in the Bronx in an attempt to kill the victim of this shooting. 
Mr. Bharara praised the work of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the Drug Enforcement Administration, and the New York City Police Department.   He also thanked the Bronx County District Attorney’s Office for their support in this case.

Calling on the Administration for Children’s Services to Investigate Anthony Weiner’s and Huma Abedin’s Household

By Senator Rev. Rubén Díaz 

Calling on the Administration for Children’s Services to Investigate Anthony Weiner’s and Huma Abedin’s Household

  You should know that the Monday, August 29, 2016 cover of the New York Post shows a photo of former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner in his bed alongside his toddler, while doing things that no child should see on camera in Anthony Weiner’s sexual exchange with a woman.

The photo and story worry me as a Senator, a Minister, a parent, and a grandfather, because I believe that the disregard for any boundaries of sexual activity with a child present is incredibly inappropriate, and could have a harmful impact on the child.

I urge the City of New York’s Administration for Children’s Services to investigate this case carefully and thoroughly.

I am always worried when I hear about possible cases of child abuse, and I have no doubt in my mind that the City of New York’s Administration for Children’s Services should at the very least investigate the household of Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin and their child.

I am sure that the Administration for Children’s Services will consider how Anthony Weiner’s continued perverted activity that we have all seen over the years in his texting or Twittering is a harbinger of possible future child abuse or neglect, especially when he does this with his child next to him in his bed.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am pretty sure that if this kind of information was shared with the public and if the adult in the photo with a toddler was Black or Hispanic, the City of New York’s Administration for Children’s Services would have been knocking on the door to investigate possible child abuse to remove the child.
This is a very sad situation, and my prayer is that both parents in the story acknowledge the harmful effect of this continue activity on their young child, and they will address it with professional help before their child is further victimized by it.

I also pray that the Administration for Children’s Services will do their job.

This is Senator Reverend Rubén Díaz, and this is what you should know.

Let us not only blame Anthony Weiner for this continued perverted activity, as Senator Diaz Sr. says. Where was the child's mother Huma Abedin? 

Who is the city going to leave the child with?
Someone who Senator Diaz Sr. mentions is a person of continued perverted activity, or the woman who married such a person, and then left the child with him. 

One would have to hope that the Administration for Children’s Services looks at other men who have been around the child's mother who have developed similar actions. 

No Senator Diaz. Let us pray only for the child. That is what you should be saying. Ask the mother why she left her child with such a person, and not be critical of a city agency when you have announced that you are running for city council next year along possibly with your son who might be running for mayor. 
That is what the people should know.

Senator Jeff Klein Hosts Children's Festival at Soundview Park

press pic festival.jpg

  State Senator Jeff Klein hosted a children’s festival as part of his Summertime Symphonies Series at Soundview Park on Saturday.

Local families gathered to enjoy the celebration, which began with lunch and a variety of arts and crafts activities.  The excitement continued as face painters brushed elaborate designs on children’s faces and balloons were twisted into animals for attendees.  Children also danced to pop music throughout the day and played in the bouncy house.
“I am thrilled to host this children’s festival for the community at Soundview Park. Today, we enjoyed quality time with our families and friends and created lasting memories during this fun-filled day,” said Senator Klein
For more information on Senator Klein’s Summertime Series, please call Senator Klein’s office at (718) 822-2049.

CM Cohen & CB7 Clothing & Food Drive for Victims of Fire at 267 E 202nd St

  Please see the additional information provided as far what the needs are as of right now for the victims of the fire at 267 E.202nd Street.

 For the mother - a senior citizen:
---Coat Medium,
----Tops, sweaters medium
----Boots/shoes  size 6,
----pants size 7 or 8,
----hat, gloves and scarf.for the winter,

For the father - a disabled senior - also a veteran
---Coat Medium,
----Tops, sweaters medium
----Boots/shoes size 7-1/2
----pants size 30W, 30L
----hat, gloves and scarf.

The adult son - still in the Burn Unit
---Coat 2XL
----Tops, sweaters, 2XL
----Boots size 10
----pants size 38W 36L
----hat, gloves and scarf.

Adult daughter
---Coat Medium,
----Tops, sweaters medium
----Boots/shoes  size 7-1/2
----pants size 7 or 8,
----hat, gloves and scarf.for the winter

Grand Daughter (Toddler)
---  Coat 4T,
--- Pampers size 6,
----Boots size 6 toddler,
----Tops, sweater 4T,
-----Pants 4T, gloves, scarf and hat for the winter.
-----Books, toys.

Two dogs (a Pit bull and the other is a miniature Dachshund.)
----dog beds,
----dog sweaters

Andrew Sandler District Manager

Bronx Community Board 7

229-A East 204th Street Bronx, NY 10458

P: 718-933-5650/51


  Democrat Ischia Bravo, candidate for the State Assembly in the 78th district, announced that she has secured three key endorsements in the upcoming Democratic primary on Tuesday, September 13th.  Planned Parenthood, Fighting for Children PAC and the 504 Democratic Club have become the latest organizations to support Ms. Bravo.

Planned Parenthood of New York City Political Committee endorsed Ms. Bravo due to her 100% rating on her positions of important women’s health issues and her commitment to ensuring that all New Yorkers have access to free to low-cost healthcare. Fighting for Children PAC works on behalf of child abuse victims and is fighting to pass the Omnibus Child Victims Act, which would eliminate criminal and civil statutes of limitations for sexual abuse against minors. Ms. Bravo has urged for the passing of the Act and has pledged to be a champion of such legislation in Albany.

“It has taken ten years and Albany still hasn’t passed this bill. How many children have been abused in that time? How many children have been sexually abused because Albany is full of politicians who would rather protect special interests than children? One child is too many,” said Gary Greenberg, founder of Fighting for Children PAC. “I’m announcing our endorsement of Ischia Bravo who is passionate about protecting children from sexual abuse, and who supports the Omnibus Child Victims Act.”

The 504 Democratic Club focuses on disability rights and advocate for the inclusion of the disabled community within education, transportation and other important issues.

“I am proud to have the support of these three outstanding organizations that work so hard on behalf of women, our children and the disabled,” said Ischia Bravo. “We must do better. Our message that new and effective leadership is sorely needed in the 78th district is resonating. I am confident that voters across the district will vote for change we can trust this primary so we can finally get our community moving in the right direction.” 

Bravo had been previously endorsed by Metallic Lathers & Ironworkers Local 46 and UNITE HERE Local 100. 

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Bronx Democratic Party's Annual BBQ & Family Day

I Found Some More Speed Cameras - See Where

Are you driving on East Tremont Avenue heading to Parkchester? 
If you are you may want to know that there is a speed camera on East Tremont Avenue at Castle Hill Road. This camera may also be a red light camera since the city has some speed/red light cameras in one.

Now if you think you can turn onto Castle Hill Avenue and not worry, Think again as you pass the playground. 

Above - If you turn down Castle Hill Avenue as you pass Parker Avenue this speed camera is set up next to the Castle Avenue Playground. 
Below - If you think you won't have to worry if you are heading up to East Tremont Avenue this speed camera is set up at the corner of Castle Hill Avenue and Glover Street. So be careful as you travel on Castle Hill Avenue by the Playground as the city will get you coming and going.

However it's not like you are being stopped by a police officer and made to appear in traffic court where the fine can be $150.00 or more and points on your license which would increase your car insurance cost. The camera tickets are only $50.00, no points on your license, and heck the owner of the vehicle gets the ticket not the driver unless they are the owner. I keep hearing people say that those cameras are a nuisance since they just got their third or fourth ticket from one. 

Yes Mr. Mayor, Those cameras are a real way to get drivers to obey the law. It's just another way of cutting police officers, and more money to the city from people who should not be driving in the first place.