Saturday, April 20, 2013

Cohen Picks up Endorsement of Padernacht in 11th Council District

      In front of the Shalom Aleichem Houses in the Van Cortlandt Village section of the Bronx, where Mr. Dan Padernacht both works and lives, he brought out several of his supporters to endorse the candidacy of Andrew Cohen for the 11th City Council seat. Mr. Padernacht is best known from 2010 when he entered the race for the 33rd State Senate that was occupied then by State Senator Pedro Espada Jr. Mr. Padernacht a member of Community Board 8 and has been the Chairman of the boards Traffic & Transportation Committee the past few years. It was rumored that Mr. Padernacht would be running for the 11th council seat currently occupied by term limited Councilman G. Oliver Koppel, but after speculation that Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz would run it held back Mr. Padernachts council campaign. While Padernacht felt he could easily beat the only announced candidate at the time Mr. Cliff Stanton, he had to contemplate the candidacy of Assemblyman Dinowitz.  Mr. Andrew Cohen later decided to go ahead with his campaign for city council, and started to rack up the endorsements of the local elected officials as well as many others including numerous unions. With petition gathering for the September Primary only a few weeks away it was time to decide to continue a candidacy for city council or endorse one of the announced candidates. Mr. Padernacht chose to endorse the candidacy of fellow Community Board 8 member and friend, Andrew Cohen for the 11th City Council seat citing Mr. Cohen's record of achievement and commitment to the community. 

       Candidate Andrew Cohen said  “Dan Padernacht's credentials as an activist committed to the community and city are familiar to all of us who care for the Bronx". “As the Chair of the Traffic and Transportation Committee for Community Board 8, Dan has stood up to irresponsible developers, always putting the will of the people and the betterment of our neighborhoods first. His endorsement is an important validation for my campaign and I welcome his support with enthusiasm as we work together to make the 11th Council District even better.”

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Friday, April 19, 2013

5TH ANNUAL “FAIR @ THE SQUARE”! May 11th at 11am

  The Westchester Square Merchants Association, in partnership with the Bronx Council on the Arts and NYC Dept. of Parks & Recreation, invite you to the 5th Annual “Fair @ The Square”, taking place Saturday, May 11th from 11am to 6pm along the streets of Westchester Square between St. Raymond and Westchester Avenues.      We hope you will join us at this FREE, fantastic, fun-filled, community event, which is held as part of Bronx Week 2013.          
The main sponsor of this year’s “Fair @ The Square” is the Westchester Square Business Improvement District, recently formed and whose immediate goal is to promote the diversity in the commerce, culture, and community of Westchester Square, one of the busiest areas in the Bronx, traveled through by over 80,000 commuters daily.
Major sponsors include the Hutchinson Metro Center, Healthfirst, New York Daily News, United Healthcare, Visiting Nurse Services of New York, and WellCare.
This FREE multi-cultural event attracts thousands of fair-goers throughout the day, will feature an all day concert series hosted by Rhina Valentin "La Reina del Barrio" of BronxNet's OPEN Show and Dennis "Dion" Nardone of WVOX 1460AM Radio, as popular NY artists take the stage, including Alive N Kickin' ("Tighter, Tighter"), one of the premier event bands in the Tri-State area, Freestyle sensations Soave ("Cryin' Over You") and Fascination ("Why You Wanna Go"), Top 10 Billboard Songwriter Ron Rogers performing his worldwide #1 hit song "Deputy of Love" and giving us a sneak peak at his upcoming show production "Cowboys & Gangsters", returning artists -- Gene DiNapoli with his new Bronx Bombers Show featuring songs by Bobby Darin, Tony Orlando and many others, the Bronx Reign Dancers, Italian Hip Hop Movement artist SALESE, recording artist J Universal, freestyle artist Donna Williams, W.R.A.T.H., the new voice of Hip Hop, Bronx Undergound bands Scoutmaster Jack and If But When, Sierra Nelson of Mind Builders, students from the Just Nuts Music School, and many more performers and dancers... a show not to be missed!
This year’s fair will feature a new and expanded Kid’s Fair & Activities Area with games, rides, and performances, merchant displays, Artisans and art exhibits by the Bronx Council on the Arts, vendors, arts & crafts, face painting, an FDNY Smoke House and & Antique Fire Engine, a dunk tank, an MTA Antique Bus, the Bronx Children’s Mobile Museum, Skate, Play & Fitness mobile units, food from local restaurants, contests, prizes, raffles, and much more!
Name: 5th Annual “Fair @ The Square”
Date: Saturday, May 11, 2013
Time: 11am-6pm
Place: Westchester Square between St. Raymond and Westchester Avenues.

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Senator Rivera Urges Passage of Tough Ethics Reform Package

Senator Gustavo Rivera joined his colleagues in the Senate Democratic Conference on Monday in unveiling a tough legislative ethics package that will serve as a step forward in enacting true ethics reform and restoring the public's trust. 
Senator Rivera urges immediate passage of the Senate Democrats' new ethics package. He also supports the Governor's ethics package, the New York Trust Act, which would increase penalties for bribery and public corruption.
"Recent events have made it obvious that we need stronger anti-corruption legislation. Every time that an elected official betrays the public's trust, it makes it less likely that members of our community will get involved or participate in their government," said Senator Gustavo Rivera. "While it is unfortunate that corruption is a problem that continues to plague our community, we must continue to fight to ensure that all New Yorkers are represented by elected officials that will serve in the best interest of their constituents. Passing the Senate Democratic Conference's ethics package will be an important first step in combating corruption"
As an elected official whose three predecessors violated the public's trust, Senator Rivera has experienced firsthand the consequences that develop in a community which has lost faith in the system.
The Senate Democrats' ethics package will:
  • Retroactively strip pension benefits from any state or local official convicted of a felony involving a breach of public trust.
  • Outlaw the use of campaign money for criminal defense.
  • Strengthen the regulations regarding the use of campaign money.
  • Require elected officials to post campaign donation information on their websites\
  • Establish a public financing system for state campaigns.          

Thursday, April 18, 2013

An Op-Ed From Bill Thompson

Here is an Op Ed piece from Mayoral candidate Bill Thompson on why he is running for Mayor.

April 18, 2013

Bill Thompson

I'm running for Mayor because I want to make sure that this city's economic future and promise of opportunity is bright for every New Yorker.

To ensure that, businesses need safe streets so they can grow and create jobs. Parents need safe streets so they don't have to worry about their kids getting safely home from school. And kids need safe schools so they can grow into young adults with skills to succeed.

This city has made great strides in reducing crime over the last decade, and we should praise Mayor Bloomberg and Commissioner Kelly for their leadership.

We also need to praise the police officers and commanders that walk our streets everyday and keep us safe.

The act of terrorism in Boston - and acts of senseless violence everywhere - further my belief that we need the best, most experienced police officers on our streets. Have no doubt - the beat cop is the first, and best way to stop terrorism and fight crime.

The NYPD has fallen below 35,000 police officers, down from 41,000 in 2001. That’s too low, and it stretches the force to the limit. That's why I have called for placing an additional 2,000 police officers on city streets and a new strategy of deploying our most experienced officers. These steps will give us the expert boots on the ground we need to respond to any and all crisis moments, and help develop stronger bonds with community leaders and stop crime before it happens.

CompStat can tell us what neighborhoods are violent. But we need the people who live there to tell us which corners and which alleys are the criminals’ hang outs. We need to build stronger partnership between communities and the police.

But our police force won’t be able to create the relationships they need unless the communities they patrol trust them.

Stop and frisk can be an important tool for police officers but it has been abused by this Administration. In some cases, witnesses have said the Police Department has assigned stop and frisk quotas to officers. Far too many people are being stopped for what appears to be no other reason than their age and the color of their skin. That's wrong - and it will end the moment I take the oath of office. My administration will use meaningful data to understand why crime is low in certain neighborhoods, and make targeted stops on streets with high crime so that we are stopping criminals, not innocent people. We shouldn’t care how many stops are made – we should care how many crimes are stopped. As Mayor, that will be my focus.
We also need more openness and transparency inside the Police Department, which is why I support the appointment of an Inspector General inside the Police Department.
But what we really need is a Mayor who understands that protecting people’s safety and protecting people’s rights are both the Mayor’s job. I’m not going to outsource that responsibility to anyone.
I have a 15-year-old stepson. Like me, he’s black. There’s nothing more important to me than his safety, and the safety of everyone in my family. I worry about him being mugged. I worry about him being shot by a gang member.

But right now, I also have to worry about him being stopped by the police for no other reason than his age and the color of his skin. He loves this city, and he should never feel like this city doesn’t love him back. And I should not have to sacrifice my son’s constitutional rights for his safety. Not in America. Not in New York.

But New Yorkers deserve to know that every square inch of this city is open for them to safely live, work, and raise their kids, and that it is the Mayor’s job to keep them safe. 

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Reaction to Alleged Hate Crime at Gateway Center

  Concerning the reports of racial slurs yelled at him, and then an attack by three or four men who injured Abdullah Faruque dislocating his shoulder and leaving him semi-unconscious Elected officials are weighing in on the reported hate crime attack the day after the Boston Marathon bombings.

RE: Alleged Hate Crime at Gateway Center

“The Bronx stands together, as ‘One Bronx,’ united against hate of all kinds. Monday’s attack on Abdullah Faruque, motivated by race and in apparent misguided retaliation for the bombings at the Boston Marathon, is reprehensible. All efforts must be made to prosecute this crime to the fullest extent of the law. The people of the Bronx do not and will not tolerate such hateful acts,” said Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr.


City Comptroller John C. Liu stated the following in response to the apparent hate attack in The Bronx:

“New Yorkers will not tolerate hate crimes like the beating of a Bangladeshi man in The Bronx, who was attacked apparently in ‘revenge’ for the Boston Marathon bombing. This incident must be investigated and prosecuted to the fullest. Anyone who has any information about the assailants should contact the police immediately at 1-800-577-TIPS.”


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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bronx Israel Independence Day Festival 2013

   The Bronx Isreali Independence Day Festival 2013 went off without any problems, even with the bombings that went off the day before in Boston. Rabbi Avi Weiss a controversial Jewish leader and past target of many threats enjoyed the festival with hundreds of Bronx residents and Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. who co-sponsored the event. The event took place inside the Hebrew Institute of Riverdale, and out on the street next to the institute. Inside was food and information while out side were inflatable rides & games for the kids, and the stage where performances went on. The two leading city council candidates for Councilman G. Oliver Koppells term limited seat were in attendance as you will see in the photos below including Community Board # 8 members Martin Wolpolf, William Stone, and Robert Press.
 Rabbi Weiss, BP Diaz, and city council candidate Andrew Cohen talk about several matters of importance.
 City council candidate Cliff Stanton at the festival. Stanton is holding the latest copy of the Bronx News.


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

ECPW Wrestling Returned to St. Francis Xavier in Morris Park

 This past Saturday night ECPW Wrestling returned to the St. Francis Xavier gym. There were seven action packed matches including a battle royal and ECPW championship match. There was standing room only as the event was sold out. You can see some of the action you saw or missed in the photos below. Midway there was an intermission where the wrestlers came out to mingle with the crowd, take pictures with the kids, and sign autographs. A great time was had by all who attended, and the school wound up with some much needed funds. click on any photo to enlarge it.
The first match got underway between Big Ben Cromwell and Rocky Jones. Here you see each wrestler getting the other in holds on the mat.


Left - Rocky Jones was victorious as the referee tries to separate the wrestlers after the match.
Right - Action from the battle royal match.

Left - The Masked Superstar on the way to the ring with Ghetto Brown.
Right - Ghetto Brown was victorious as he climbs the rope to show off.

Below in a hotly contested three way match between Kevin Phoenix, The New Dynamite Kid, and Jason Speed on the left is Jason Speed on the ropes about to flip Kevin Phoenix.
Right - Phoenix was thrown out of the ring only to hear it from a young girl in the audience.

Left - Phoenix is pinned by Jason Speed.
Center - Kevin Phoenix finds a friendly fan in the audience.

Left - Rikishi signs a photo for a fan.
Right - Duke "Pitbull Snyder signs for a fan.

Left - Tristan Law seems to be getting the upper hand on the Punisher.
Right - Law was thrown out of the ring, and wound up losing the match.

Left- ECPW champ Andrew Anderson on his way to the ring.
Right - Anderson trash talks his opponent Frankie Flores.

Left - Flores was no match for Anderson.
Right - Anderson walks to the back holding his ECPW championship belt.

Left - In the last match Rikishi is held back by the referee as his partner is double teamed.
Right - It would not be a Rikishi match without a stink face by Rikishi.

8th Annual Cinco de Mayo Celebration Sat. May 4th

Cinco de Mayo Health Fair May 3rd

Cinco de Mayo English 2013
Cinco De Mayo Flier


Monday, April 15, 2013

Hispanic Ministers of New York 25th Annual Luncheon

  Saturday afternoon was the 25th Hispanic Ministers Organization of New York luncheon. All of the candidates for mayor of New York City were invited. Democrats John Liu, Bill Thompson, & Erick Salgado, Republicans Joe Lhota & John Catsimatidis, and even third party candidate Adolfo Carrion were in attendance as well as almost 700 ministers or supporters of the clergy. U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer, New York State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli, Bronx Assembly members Marcos Crespo & Luis Sepulveda, And Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. joined State Senator Reverend Ruben Diaz Sr. who was the Master of Ceremonies. City Council Speaker Christene Quinn and Public Advocate Bill Deblasio were not in attendance.
  There were speeches by the mayoral candidates, and here are some of their more memorable words. City Comptroller John Liu said "The city needs the Bronx", and looking at BP Diaz added "Its great to be here in God's Country". Joe Lhota spoke of his Bronx roots, and how as Deputy Mayor to Mayor Giuliani "500 jobs for Senator Diaz were created for his community". Not to be outdone John Catsimatidis spoke of being an alter boy, and how he helped build a church in the South Bronx. Former Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion spoke about his job as Bronx Borough President. 


Left - Senator Diaz is at the microphone is about to introduce the candidates for mayor in attendance. Candidate for mayor John Liu gives the thumbs up.
Right - City Comptroller John Liu speaks to the packed room.

Left- Republican John Catsimatidis speaks to the crowd.
Right  - It was Republican Joe Lhota's turn at the Microphone.

Left - Bill Thompson speaking to the audience. 
Right - Rev. Erick Salgado Speaks with Bronx Conservative Party Leader Bill Newmark, possibly for Newmarks support for the Conservative line in the November election.

Left - New York State Comptroller Tom Di Napoli.
Right - 15th Council District candidate Reverend Joel Bauza (one of the honorees) and his wife.

Senator Diaz poses with both Republican candidates for mayor Joe Lhota (left), and John Catsimatidis (right).

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What You Should Know

By Senator Rev. Rubén Díaz
32nd Senatorial District, Bronx County, New York

Why Are We So Afraid of Governor Cuomo?

  You should know that today the New York State Senate will begin a public push to limit how Senate campaign funds can be spent. These campaign funds are donations from individuals and organizations given with the understanding that the candidate will use them as they see fit - like renting a car and paying for meals.

You should also know that while this effort to turn up the heat on Senators has begun, there is still no effort underway to restrict what Governor Cuomo does with resources he raises, and no demand for a complete disclosure of the names of the donors from the Committee to Save New York - his ally - a private lobbying committee not subject to state campaign finance law.  The names of many of their donors remain in the shadows.

The Committee to Save New York has been lockstep with Governor Cuomo's agenda and has spent more money on lobbying activities in 2012 than any other group.

You should know that the billionaires and business leaders who support Governor Cuomo's Committee to Save New York have won billions in government bailouts. Now they insists upon  “fiscal responsibility” for the rest of New York.

I would like to recommend to my colleagues that instead of going after each other and restricting how much money we spend from our donors to rent cars and pay for dinners for our campaigns, that we focus our attention on reviewing policy payoffs that impact our ability to legislate on behalf of our constituents - instead of on behalf of the groups who lobby and profit from their participation of the Committee to Save New York.

I would like to recommend that ethics reform in New York State begin in the Governor's mansion.

While we consider how to restrict Senate campaign donations that are used to pay for meals, I would like my readers to know that many of my colleagues are routinely invited to the Governor's mansion to eat his food and drink his wine with no oversight to who pays those bills.

While we consider how to restrict Senate campaign donations that are used to rent cars, I would like my readers to know that this past Thursday JCOPE quietly posted on their website on state ethics ruling that Governor Cuomo can bring Sandra Lee, his girlfriend and Food Network star who lives with him in Westchester County, along with his daughters on the state aircraft with him when he's on official business.

While we consider how to restrict Senate campaign donations that are used for our cell phones, You should know that the millions of dollars raised by the Committee to Save New York to expand casino gambling needs should be investigated.

You should know that corruption in New York State needs to be thoroughly investigated, and is far more important that the way we spend money donated to us from our supporters - who donate with the full knowledge that we decide how to spend it.

We should be more concerned with stopping big money influence of corporations,  groups and people that are getting access to meetings with Governors and others by contributing big donations and by the conflict of interest of legislators serving as of-counsels and those that are board members of institutions whose leaders contribute big money. Amen.

This is Senator Reverend Rubén Díaz and this is what you should know.

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Bronx Chamber of Commerce Women of Distiction Luncheon

  Friday was the date of the Bronx Chamber of Commerce Women of Distinction Luncheon. The Mistress of Ceremony was WINS 1010 radio reporter Juliet Papa. The national anthem was sung by Preston High School student Brittany Mitchell. Sister Seline Mary Flores of the Providence Rest Nursing Home gave the invocation. The audience was then welcomed by Event Chair Geri Sciortino, the owner of the Bronx Design Group. BCC President Lenny Caro gave the opening remarks on how great it is to be in the Bronx today. He went into all of the new business opportunities and new businesses that have recently come to the Bronx.
BCC Chairman Joe Kelleher then added some more comments about the future of Bronx Business, and the new Metro North stations to be built in the East Bronx and how it would increase ridership to and from the Bronx.
  Keynote speaker Commissioner of the Department of Corrections Dora B. Schribo said that she is the fifth woman to run the DOC in its 100 year history. She spoke about the prison population, and how she is trying to decrease the return to prison ratio so that she in essence can be put out of business in the future.
  The five students awarded a one thousand dollar scholarships were Faith Daniel (Bronx Center for Science & Math), Selene Munoz (Gateway School of Environmental Research & Technology), Rosalias Read (Metropolitan High School), Yaritza Rendon (Bronx Aerospace High School), and Zoraya Almonte (Bronx Engineering & Technology Academy). 
  The two Honorees were NYPD Deputy Inspector Nilda Hofmann and Preston High School Dean of Studies Linda Youngren. 

Left - Mistress of Ceremony Juliet Papa of WINS 1010 radio.
Right - Preston High School student Brittany Mitchell sings the National Anthem.

Left - Sister Seline Mary Flores giving the invocation.
Right - Scholarship award winners Faith Daniel, Selene Munoz, Rosalias Read, and Yaritza Rendon hold up their $1,000.00 checks. Zoraya Almonte was unable to attend. 
 Starting from the left - BCC President Lenny Caro, Honoree and NYPD Deputy Inspector Nilda Hofmann, Honoree and Preston H.S. Dean Linda Youngren, Juliet Papa of 1010 WINS radio, and Event Chair Geri Sciortino.

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