Saturday, August 7, 2010


   Bird to be Delivered to Recovery Sanctuary
   State Senator and Deputy Majority Leader Jeff Klein (D-Bronx/Westchester) announced on Friday that he has secured a safe, long term home for an abused rooster recently rescued from a South Bronx cockfight. The owner of the Hollywood Haircuts barber shop on City Island has been rehabilitating and caring for the rooster, Coco, since his rescue earlier this year. Following the press conference, Klein’s office delivered the rooster to its new home at the Berkshire Bird Paradise Sanctuary in Petersburg, NY.
   “Cockfights are an abusive and horrendous practice that has no place in the Bronx or anywhere else in this city. I am extremely pleased that we were able to find a good home for this rooster where he can live safely while becoming reacquainted with other birds in a natural and healthy habitat,” said State Senator and Deputy Majority Leader Jeffrey D. Klein (D-Bronx/Westchester).
   Klein’s office was first contacted in July by a concerned City Island resident who noticed a rooster running around in the street in front of the Hollywood Haircuts barber shop on City Island Avenue.  The resident was troubled by the animal’s noise level and the safety threat it posed to drivers. Klein’s office immediately reached out to the barber shop to determine why it was letting a farm animal loose on a public street. Alex Mullokandov, an employee at the shop, had the answer.   
According to Mullokandov, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) rescued five roosters from a cock fighting operation in the South Bronx earlier this year. While Mullokandov was caring for Coco temporarily, he was not able to keep it permanently in his apartment or the shop. Klein’s office stepped in began reaching out to area farms to find the rooster a home.
   Upon learning of the rooster, Riverdale resident Isabelle Weisinger immediately called Klein’s office to let them know about the Berkshire Bird Paradise Sanctuary. Weisinger became familiar with the sanctuary a few years ago when a bird in her neighborhood was in need of a new home.
    “We have a very large sanctuary with birds from all over the world.  When the rooster arrives, we will make sure the he is compatible with other birds and we will gradually introduce him to them. We have had cockfighting roosters brought to us before, and they have done very well.,” said Pete Dubacher, owner of the Berkshire Bird Paradise Sanctuar
   To report animal cruelty, contact the New York City ASPCA at (212) 876-7700. 
     Senator Klein with "COCO", and Alex Mullokando. Cocco is perched on Senator Klein's Arm.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Vernuccio for Senate-"The New State Budget is a Disgrace"

   This came in from the Vernuccio for State Senate campaign about the state budget agreement.
     The recently passed (four months late) budget represents one of the lowest points in the history of New York  government.  As families struggle to make ends meet, it raises taxes;  as businesses desperately try to stay afloat, it hikes sales taxes and drives shoppers and jobs out of the state.  It remains to be seen how many employees will be dismissed because of Albany's corruption and incompetence, or how many homeowners will lose their homes due to the failure to cap taxes.  
   For further information, contact:, or call 718-541-3286

Robert Giuffre officialy on the Ballot for the 80th Assembly District

   The following has been e-mailed to us from the Robert Giuffre camp.

   August 6, 2010 – (Morris Park, The Bronx)
   Objections against Robert Giuffre's nominating petitions were officially dropped today -- meaning Giuffre will be on the ballot for this fall's September 14th Primary. 
   During a three day “political courtroom battle,” emotions often ran high. Giuffre commented: "I know it is hard to believe, but I was more peeved about the awful ballot access process than my own individual campaign. I admit I probably would never have cared this much about the issue if I weren't personally involved, but the process is obviously intended to keep outsiders away from mounting challenges. Although I made the ballot – eventually – many people who would of made good candidates did not, and that is wrong, the ballot access process in New York needs to change.” 
   The Giuffre campaign looks forward to running a true grassroots effort and an honest, issue-based campaign. 
Friends of Rob Giuffre
Democrat for Assembly – District 80
Contact: 347-538-6231

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Espada Press Conference re NYS Business Law Amendment

  With dozens of independent service station owners behind him New York State Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada Jr. urged Governor Paterson to sign into law a bill passed in the senate and assembly to protect the small business owners from giant oil refiners trying to establishing distribution monopolies. Several owners testified that the service stations they lease have been local family businesses that give back to the communities they serve, some for generations. Now the big oil refiners want to do away with the independent retailers, and have so called company owned stations instead to increase the cost to the consumer. 
   When it came to the question and answer period afterwards Senator Espada said that he would only answer questions on the budget or on the subject of today's press conference. When Channel Two News reporter Marcia Krammer tried to ask the Senator Espada a political question, he was lead to a waiting car by staff members that then drove away.

Charter Commission Final (?) Meeting

   The New York City Charter Revision Commission will hold a meeting on Wednesday, August 11th.  The meeting is open to the public and will be streamed live via webcast through the Commission’s website at
 PLACE:   Borough of Manhattan   
Baruch College, Newman Vertical Campus Conference Cente
55 Lexington Avenue (enter at 24th Street & Lexington Ave)                       
14th Floor, Room 14-220
TIME:     6:00 PM
DIRECTIONS:  Baruch College is accessible by public transportation:  Take the 6 train to the 23rd Street stop, or the N or R to the 23rd Street stop.  The following bus lines also stop near Baruch:  M1, M2, M3, M4, M32, M101 and M102. 

While public comment will not be received at the August 11th meeting, comments to the Commission are welcome and can be submitted by mail, through the website by selecting “Contact the Commission” or by emailing the Commission at

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Mr. President

   We want to wish President Obama a happy birthday, as today is his 49th birthday.

Morrison Avenue Music Festival

   Cano Estremera, Héctor Tricoche and Oro Sólido are some of the bands that will participate in the Morrison Avenue Festival in the Bronx.
   This festival, which is being sponsored by the Hispanic Federation, Bronx Borough President, Rubén Díaz, Jr., Assemblyman Marcos Crespo, and community leader Luis Sepulveda, 
will be held on:  Saturday, August 21, 2010.
   Location:  Morrison Avenue between Westchester Avenue and Watson Avenue starting at 12:00 p.m.
   For more information, please contact Brendaliz Candelaria at (917) 701-0297 or Ralph Morales at  (917) 449-5877.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

33rd State Senate Update Tuesday Aug 3

   At the Board of elections today the challenge of the name J. Gustavo Rivera was dismissed by the board commissioners after the lawyer for 33rd candidate J. Gustavo Rivera produced a June 2nd time stamped  copy of the voter registration form dated July 21st with J. Gustavo Rivera as the name of the voter. This ran contrarily to the challenge of the voter registration form copy that the challenger had dated June 26th. However that still leaves the question to us as why did our copy of the voter registration form dated August 2nd from the Bronx Board of Elections have Jose G. Rivera as the voter? We don't know how that is, but Mr. Rivera submitted his revised voter registration form to the board of elections at 32 Broadway as there was a copy of a receipt for one returned registration form dated June 2, 2010 to Mr. J. Gustavo Rivera stating that the registration form will be clocked and forwarded to the borough offices for processing, and signed by a representative from the Voter Registration Department. I might add that was given to me by Mr. Rivera's lawyer after the hearing.
   We think that the public should have the answer to why the Bronx Board of Elections computer  says one thing, and the NYC Board of Elections computer says a different thing on the same matter, especially when both boroughs computers are on the same program.

Monday, August 2, 2010

33rd State Senate Race Update No First Name

   It has come to our attention that the petition of 33rd State Senate candidate J. Gustavo Rivera is being challenged for having no first name. It appears that the name of the candidate on the petition does not match the name on the voter registration form (VRF), which lists the name as Jose G. Rivera. 
   Could it be that this Jose Rivera did not want his name mixed up with that of 78th Assemblyman Jose Rivera, and not have people say that they already signed for Jose Rivera or did not live in his district?
   Having checked the petition for J. Gustavo Rivera and the VRF of Jose G. Rivera it appears that there is no first name on the petition for senate candidate Rivera, and that should knock him off the ballot. If this is a fatal mistake for Mr. Rivera it is inexcusable as his clam to fame is his political experience in helping many candidates (including State Senators and President Obama) win their elections.
   Now for the political magic, we have been told that Mr. J. Gustavo Rivera filed some sort of change to his VRF on June 4th 2010. We called the NYC Board of Elections to ask how long any change takes to be listed on the permanent VRF, and we were told three to four weeks. Our check of Mr. J. Gustavo Rivera's VRF was done on August 2nd two months later and the name on the VRF is the same as before Jose G. Rivera.

Charlie Rangel Update

   Democrats were trying to make a deal where as Congressman Charlie Rangel was to get only a slap on the wrist, but that did not fly with house Republicans who want to use Rangel as their poster boy as to why to vote Republican in 2010. While the 13 charges were read into the house record Rangel is still playing it cool. It is expected that with the somewhat weak field of contenders that Rangel should be reelected this year. 
   One Manhattan Democrat who is sticking with Rangel is Manhattan Democratic County Leader Assemblyman Keith Wright. It appears that Wright who made an appearance at the Bronx county dinner last month could be next in line for Rangels seat should Rangel decide to retire soon after winning congressional reelection for the Manhattan and very small part of the Bronx seat.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Could The 33rd State Senate Race, Be Down to Two Candidates?

  We have been told that there are serious defects to the petition of  J. Gustavo Rivera for the 33rd State Senate District. These claims come from two separate sources and are of a different nature. Both sources claim that they will have candidate Rivera knocked off the ballot for the September Democratic Primary. in the 33rd District. These challenges to the petition will be heard on Tuesday, and we don't want to speculate on them as of now because we can not substantiate or deny the charges. 
   On first glance however this could wind up a two person race in the 33rd State Senate District between incumbent Pedro Espada Jr. and challenger Dan Padernacht. We have seen similar instances where this has happened to invalidate items on a petition.