Monday, September 2, 2019

Friends of Pelham Parkway Clean Up, Weed, Mulch, and Plant Flowers

  It was a beautiful Saturday morning as twenty-five volunteers showed up to clean, remove weeds, mulch, and plant flowers at the Wallace Avenue walkway of North Pelham Parkway. The event was hosted by the Friends of Pelham Parkway. 

 Residents showed they care about the area where they live. Police Officer Andino brought two Explorers from the 49th Precinct to help, and they joined the other volunteers. People broke up into groups that picked up papers and trash, those who pulled out weeds, others who filled buckets with mulch to place around the trees, and some who planted flowers.

Above - Police Officer Andino with two of the 49th Precinct Explores pull out weeds in this area.
Below - Volunteers gather to fill buckets with mulch to place around the trees.

Above - These volunteers went into the garden to plant some flowers.
Below - The garden with new plants, and without any weeds.