Saturday, July 9, 2011


   At exactly 2 PM in the third inning of the game against Tampa Bay Derek Jeter hit a home run off Tampa Bay pitcher Daviv Price for hit # 3,000. In the first inning Jeter got hit # 2,999 a single, and with hit # 3,000 a home run Jeter tied the game at one all.

   Derek Jeter becomes the 28th player to reach the 3,000 hit mark, and is only the 11th player to do it with just one team. Craig Biggio was the last player to hit his 3,00th hit while only playing for the Houston Astros. Jeter becomes the first Yankee to hit 3,000 hits, and is assured aplace not only in Yankee history, but also the Baseball Hall of Fame.

   What will be the final number of hits that Jeter will attain before he retires? We can only guess that Jeter will now go for 3,500 hits.


   Derek Jeter Has gotten hit # 2,999 in the first inning of the Saturday afternoon game against the Tampa Bay Rays. This means that Derek Jeter needs only one more hit to reach hit # 3,000. 

   Get the cake ready on 161st Street as Jeter will have three or four more chances to get hit # 3,000 in today's game at Yankee Stadium.

Friday, July 8, 2011


  It looks like Friday night's game against the Tampa Bay Rays has been called off due to severe thundershowers and lightning expected to end late tonight. The game will have to be rescheduled, but when it will is questionable. Jeter fans will have to wait for Saturday's game to see if he can get to hit # 3,000 as Jeter is currently at 2,998 hits.

 Weprin to Run for Weiner's Vacant Congressional Seat

   Queens Assemblyman David Weprin has accepted the Democratic nomination to run in the special election for the 9th Congressional District on September 13th. It could be an unlucky 13th day though for the winner of that special election as New York State is slated to loose two congressional seats next year due to population declines statewide, and this could be one of the two districts eliminated.
   Weprin had served in the City Council for eight years previously as the Chair of the Finance committee. His council seat was won by his brother Mark, and their father was former Assembly Speaker Saul Weprin. While David Weprin lives a few blocks outside the 9th Congressional District, all that is required is a residence in the state. Two things in Weprin's favor is that he does not "TWEET", and does not work our in a gym like the previous congressman.

   The Conservative Party has chosen Republican Bob Turner who ran against Weiner in 2010 to run in the special election, and Turner should be the choice of the Republican Party which is also looking at Juan Reyes who worked for former Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Weprin would seem to have the edge in this largely Jewish congressional district in Brooklyn and Queens that Weiner has won in the past. Weprin has nothing to lose as he would retain his state assembly seat should he not win the congressional seat.    


   Derek Jeter got one hit closer to 3,000 hits last night with a lead off double, for hit number 2,998. However that was the only hit that Jeter was able to get, as he went 1 - 5 ending the game against Tampa Bay with a ground out.

   There are still three games left on this final home stand before the All Star break, and hit number 3,000 could come tonight should Jeter be able to have another multi hit game. They are baking the cakes on 161st Street for the celebration either tonight or tomorrow when hit number 3,000 comes.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Unashamed To Be A Christian
by Senator Reverend Ruben Diaz

On June 24th I voted my conscience and opposed Governor Andrew Cuomo's key piece of social legislation in the New York State Senate that redefines our marriage laws away from the traditional definition of one man and one woman. I was the only Democrat in the Senate to vote against this legislation, and I wear my vote as a badge of honor.
I have been congratulated by religious leaders and constituents not only from my district, but from districts all over New York State. I have received messages of encouragement and gratitude from people throughout the United States. Alberto Martinez tweeted: "Jesus said: 'Whoever is ashamed of Him and His words, the Son of Man will also be ashamed of such person at His coming.' Bravo Senator Diaz." All of these supporters know that I am unashamed to be a Christian. If we talk the talk, we must walk the walk.
Although Republican Senate Leader Dean Skelos ushered the gay marriage vote to the floor in order to make the 11:00PM news, and even though the vote passed, the hatred that has spewed in my direction before June 24th continues.
Yesterday I received a series of five emails in my Senate account from one person that read like homicidal rantings: "You eat shit. You are shit." "There is no worse person on Earth than you. God has told me so." "You worthless pile of human excrement!!!" "I hope you die! I hope you die soon! I'm waiting for you to die!" "Satan would sooner nail a stake through your heart than admit to knowing you. Your very own lover!!!"
To err on the side of caution and especially since one of the messages awaits my demise, those emails were properly reported to the FBI.
Those messages suggest that even though the gay marriage vote passed, that author did not get what he wanted which suggests to me that for some reason, I am the embodiment of his disappointment.  He may also be upset because I am unashamed of my vote.
Last Tuesday, a website posted an article titled: "Sen. Ruben Douchebag: I Made History." The tag labels that follow that online piece are as vulgar as possible. I quote them here not to amplify their vulgarity, but to let people know the ever-growing hatred freely expressed by those who claim to promote tolerance: "assholery, batshittery, bigotry, bovine spongiform encephalopathy, douchenozzles, evil, and f***weasels".
I am amazed that the author of that site continues to fixate on me as he does. I was told that he even tweeted about me just one hour after the supposed May 21 rapture: "An hour past #Rapture in New York City and this town is still infested with Sen. Ruben Diaz and his filthy ilk. #Disappointed."
For all intents and purposes I am a stranger to this person, yet for some reason I have his full attention. As a religious leader I thank the Lord that he continues to pay attention to my efforts to spread the Word of God. I hope and pray that since he seems to be a grown man, he will try to no longer promote vulgarity, indecency and hatred online or elsewhere.
After the June 24 vote, so many people who disguise themselves as victims and decry bullies hide behind their computer screens and demonstrate what is called "keyboard courage" by posting hateful and vicious comments about me.
In the great spirit of interfaith unity I will continue to work to promote what the late Pope John Paul II called the Culture of Life and continue to highlight the actions of the opposition which is still not pleased even with their declared victory in New York against traditional marriage.
For my part, I will continue to be unashamed to be a Christian.

Jeter Meter Update

   With reports that he would not play last night, Derek Jeter was in his familiar lead off position. Jeter went 1 for 3 also getting a walk and is now only three hits away from the magic number of 3,000 hits. 

   Tonight the Yankees take on division rival Tampa Bay for the first game of a four game homestand, and then there will be the All Star Break. The question now is not if he can get hit #3,000 before the All Star Break, but in which game of the four against Tampa Bay will Derek Jeter get hit #3,000. Those wanting tickets for any of the four Tampa Bay games have seen prices skyrocket, as Jeter draws nearer to hit #3,000. Many people want to be at Yankee Stadium to see it in person when Jeter gets hit #3,000. 

   Also don't forget the celebration on 161st Street when Derek Jeter does get hit #3,000.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

(Bronx, NY) – When Derek Jeter reaches 3,000 hits, fans and neighbors will be celebrating the milestone with FREE CAKE.
The Jeter Meter will flash out the magic number, and the 161st Street BID will join local businesses in giving out FREE CAKE to those who gather to congratulate the Yankee Captain.
The Bronx is ready to celebrate,” said Dr. Cary Goodman, the BID’s executive director.
The 161st Street BID is sponsoring the Jeter Meter as a public service. and organizing the celebration among the businesses, the team, fans and residents.
Participating businesses include: Yankee Bar & Grill, Yankee Tavern, Billy’s and Stan’s. The first 100 fans at each location after the 3,000th hit will get a free piece of cake.
The cake is from Valencia Bakery, a Bronx institution since 1948. “I wish Derek would be able to come out and join in the party, “said Eddie Velazquez, the owner. “But, I’m willing to bake him a special cake and deliver it to the dugout if he can’t.”
The 161st Street BID is planning to make the Jeter Meter available for display at The Bronx Museum of the Arts, The Negro League Baseball Museum, The Yankee Museum and The Baseball Hall of Fame.
The 161st Street BID is one of 64 BIDs across New York City managed by the Department of Small Business Services, Commissioner Rob Walsh.

  Anya Katsevman, two-time world salsa champion (2009/2010) and award-winning dance instructor Elvis Collado will lead a dance demonstration and  free group dance lesson when Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. and the Bronx Tourism Council kick-off Bronx SalsaFest  at Pregones Theater in the South Bronx on Thursday, July 7, 7 pm.
  Also that evening:  a screening of the critically-acclaimed documentary, "From Mambo To Hip Hop," followed by a Q&A with the film's producer, City Lore folklorist Elena Martinez and multi-Grammy nominated percussionist and salsa expert Bobby Sanabria.
  Bronx SalsaFest takes place July 7 - 11 and is the borough's tribute to the genre that gave it its nickname, "El Condado De La Salsa" (The Salsa Borough). 
  Other highlights during the week include a a musical tribute to Celia Cruz at her mausoleum at Woodlawn Cemetery, a concert by Jose Alberto "El Canario" celebrating his 35-year career; and the return of live music to the Orchard Beach stage with Nelson Gonzalez & The All-Star Band, hosted by Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. and the Bronx Tourism Council at BOEDC; sponsored by Bronx Lebanon Hospital and Latino Sports.  Bronx SalsaFest is made possible  in part by a grant from the NYC & Company Foundation.

  "Warm Up Party" for first Bronx SalsaFest
   Thursday, July 7, 2011 --   7PM
   Pregones Theater, 571 Walton Avenue, 
   between 149 & 150 Streets.

  As part of GrowNYC’s hands-on urban agriculture and nutrition program “Learn It, Grow It, Eat it,” each summer teen interns run a farm stand in Morrisania stocked with fresh produce grown by regional farmers and some the teens grew themselves in the Bronx.  While the kids are helping increase access to fresh food in a neighborhood that is lacking it, they're also teaching their communities about nutrition and healthy eating through workshops, cooking demos, healthy food location hand-outs.  The weekly market accepts EBT, WIC, Senior Farmer’s Market Nutrition Program (FMNP), and Health Bucks.  Press coverage welcome. 

Learn It Grow It Eat It Youthmarket Opening Day
Cooking demos, farmers market, nutrition programming
Wednesday, July 6 from 10:30 AM to 2:00 PM  
Boston Road and 169th St, Bronx.

GrowNYC’s Youthmarket program is a network of 13 urban farm stands staffed by teens and strategically located in “food deserts,” or areas lacking access to fresh fruits and vegetables. 

GrowNYC improves New York City’s quality of life through environmental programs that transform communities block by block and empower all New Yorkers to secure a clean and healthy environment for future generations.  GrowNYC achieves its mission through the following projects and programs: Greenmarket; Open Space Greening; Environmental Education; and the Office of Recycling Outreach and Education.  For more information, visit us at


1040 Grand Concourse at 165 St  Bronx, New York 10456  718.681.6000 | 

First Fridays!: FILM NIGHT
In collaboration with the African Film Festival
July 15, 2011, 7:00-10:00pm
Music 7:00-8:30pm, Iboru (Afro-Cuban, Yoruba, Rumba)
Screening: 8:30-9:15pm
Joyce Kilmer Park (outdoor event!)
Grand Concourse Bet E 161 St and E 164 St
Rain location: Bronx Museum
Free Admission

Charlie Ahearn, USA, 2005, 8mins
An East African MC, Balozi Dola, wanders into a Bronx barbershop on his pilgrimage to find “the real hip hop.” Stubeling upon the pioneers of the New York hip hop scene, including Grandmaster Flash’s original partner DJ Eazy Mike, Balozi enters the scene rhyming with Grandmaster Caz.

Michelle Medina, Morocco, 2010, 59mins
Forty-eight year-old Simohamed, who works as a parking guard, and his 17-year-old son Ayoub, get the opportunity to pursue their dreams of being hip hop artists.

Next First Fridays! FILM NIGHT
August 15, 2011, 7:00-10:00pm

For almost twenty years, AFF has bridged the divide between post-colonial Africa and the American public through the medium of film.

For more information: or visit
Museum of the Arts × 1040 Grand Concourse at 165th St × Bronx NY 10456

Jeter Meter Update

  In Cleveland last night Derek Jeter got a single and a double in six at bats. This brings his hit total to 2,996, and only four hits short of 3,000 hits with five games left before the all star break.

  The Yankees conclude a three game series in Cleveland tonight. The Tampa Bay Rays then come into Yankee Stadium for four games before the all star break.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Joel Rivera Selling Real Estate in Throggs Neck?

   Joel Rivera, the City Council's majority leader is going to work for RE/MAX Results, a Bronx real estate broker based in Throgs Neck our friends at the Bronx News Network report here.
   BNN goes on to quote Joel Rivera, who talks about his commitment to public service, but also remarks that the Council Majority Leader will be term limited out of office and not able to run for his current City Council seat in 2013. BNN then speculates that current Assemblyman Jose Rivera (Joel's father) will retire when his son is term limited out of the council, so his son could then replace him in a special election.
   We will add that we were waiting for redistricting to happen, as we thought that brother Joel and sister Naomi would be trading offices, with Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera running for the 15th City Council seat that her brother had occupied for all these years. Then there was the possibility of a new East Bronx Congressional seat after redistricting which Councilman Rivera would have nothing to loose going after since he would still be in the City Council until Jan. 2014. Also to run after redistricting or in a special election a candidate does not have to live in the district, but must move in with in thirty days after winning the election. What's your take on all of this?

Jeter Meter Update

   Now that Derek Jeter has returned to the starting line up of the New York Yankees after rehab for an injury that sidelined him for over two weeks hie quest for hit number 3,000 continues. The Jeter Meter has been stuck at 2,994, but was turned on again last night when Jeter lead off against the Cleveland Indians. While there were fire works in Cleveland Jeter went 0 - 4 reaching on an error that does not count as a hit. 
  There are six games left before the All Star break, two in Cleveland, and then Tampa Bay comes to Yankee Stadium for four games right before the All Star Game. Jeter will appear in the All Star game as he was voted in as the starting shortstop. Can Jeter get hit 3,000 before the All Star  break?


New York City Comptroller John C. Liu today announced that preliminary numbers indicate the New York City Pension Funds recorded investment returns of more than 20 percent in Fiscal Year 2011, which ended June 30. This is the first time in 13 years the Funds have achieved this mark. The preliminary data indicates the Funds values at approximately $119 billion as of June 30, 2011, which exceeds the $115 billion pre 2008 crash peak, and the June 30, 2010 value of $97.8 billion.

The estimated returns for FY 2011, the first full fiscal year under Comptroller Liu who took office on Jan. 1, 2010, follow gains of 14 percent in FY 2010, and reflect stock and bond market recoveries, as well as new actions taken by the Comptroller’s Office and the Trustees of the Pension Boards.

“While the markets remain volatile, we have vigorously pursued a diversification strategy to enhance our returns while lowering pension costs to the City. This will protect pensioners and taxpayers alike in the long run,” said Comptroller Liu. “It has been gratifying to work closely with our dedicated Trustees to achieve these results.”

Together with the Trustees of the five Pension Boards, the Comptroller’s Bureau of Asset Management (BAM) has implemented a number of changes over the past 18 months in order to enhance the team managing the $119 billion NYC Funds.  BAM has added more than 150 years of investment experience to its ranks by hiring seasoned professionals to target asset classes such as public equities, hedge funds, fixed income, private equity and real estate.

In addition BAM, working with the Boards of Trustees, is completing asset allocation reviews of each of the Funds’ portfolios to more aggressively capitalize on market opportunities and diversify the mix of investments to mitigate against market fluctuations.

Comptroller Liu credited Deputy Comptroller for Asset Management / Chief Investment Officer Lawrence Schloss and the Bureau of Asset Management for helping the Funds attain these results.

Audited numbers for FY 2011 will be available in the coming weeks, and once compiled, a full fund by fund breakdown will be published on Comptroller Liu’s Pension NYC website

Sunday, July 3, 2011

           Bronx Democratic County Committee
                        Assemblyman Carl E. Heastie, Chairman

                           2011 Annual Dinner

                              To be held at Marina del Rey
                         1 Marina Drive, Bronx, NY 10465

                               Thursday, July 14, 2011
              Cocktails—6:00pm, Dinner and Program—7:00pm

 Join BDCC as they recognize these great honorees for their     commitment to the Bronx

            Stuart Appelbaum                                    April Horton
 President   Retail, Wholesale,                Director of Government &
 and Department Store Union                External  Affairs for Verizon

  Dr. Amarilis Jacobo, D.D.S.                           Stephen W. Nislick
  Executive Board Member                         Chief Executive Officer
 Bronx County Dental Society                   Edison Properties, LLC

    Jose Perez                                    Dr. Louis C. Rose, M.D.
      Founder                                Chief, Dept. of Orthopaedic Surgery
  Mastermind, Ltd.                  Westchester Square Medical Center

                                          G. L. Tyler
                                         Political Director
                                       District Council 1707

  For more information, call (718) 704-7039, or email