Monday, October 11, 2010

Carl Palidino- "Crazy, Nuts, Homophobic, or Just Plain Stupid"

    The more Republican, Conservative, and Tea Party candidate for New York State governor Carl Palidino opens up his mouth the more he sticks his foot into it. First it was the baseball bat approach to cleaning up Albany, then it was saying that his opponent had extra-marital affairs, then it was a blow-out threat to Fred Dicker of the New York Post, and now it is candidate Palidino's anti gay comments that were or were not said by him. 
    Now even his running mates for New York State Comptroller and Attorney General are trying to distance themselves from Carl Palidino's comments. Even Former Conservative Party candidate Rick Lazio who dropped out to allow Carl Palidino to obtain the Conservative Party line has called his remarks an embarrassment.
paladino two hands up.jpg
    Stay tuned for just what will happen next to "Crazy, Nutty, Homophobic, or Just Plain Stupid Carl Palidino".

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