Monday, October 4, 2010

Will the 82nd A.D. be the Only Real Contested Race in the Bronx This November?
    In the 82nd Assembly District incumbent Assemblyman Michael Benedetto won the Democratic Primary with ease, but will have a much tougher challenge in the November general election from Republican, Conservative, and Independence candidate Mike Rendino. Rendino is a former NYC fire fighter who is Chair of the Economic Development Committee of Community Board #4, as well as running a local Bronx business. 
    Almost 100 people came to the Bronx County Republican Headquarters yesterday to see and hear candidate Rendino in what was called a "Meet and Greet" breakfast. Many in attendance were impressed by candidate Rendinos platform of wanting to restore fiscal responsibility, while fighting new taxes and fees. Rendino said that he had to retire fron the NYFD after he responded to 9/11 and the medical problems he has suffered since then, but he said that he wants to fight for the people of the 82nd now.
    The 82nd Assembly district goes from Throggs Neck up the east Bronx all the way to Coop-City, and is diverse as well as the neighborhoods it runs through. Throggs Neck seems to be more conservative while Coop-City tends to be more liberal. 
    To learn more or to get involved in the campaign of Mr. Mike Rendino you can go to WWW.MIKERENDINO.COM  , or call 347-538-6231 Mr. Robert Giuffre the campaign manager for Mike Rendino for 82nd Assembly.

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