Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Assemblyman Marcos Crespo Calls Upon Cathie Black To Withdraw Her Application For School Chancellor
    Assemblyman Marcos Crespo (D-Bronx) is calling upon Cathie Black to withdraw as New York City School Chancellor Candidate. “While I respect Cathie Black’s interest in overseeing the New York City school system that serves 1.1 million children, I respectfully suggest that she withdraw her application. Ms. Black has an impressive resume that may very well be sought after by many media companies, but our education system should not be supervised by anyone who needs to be chaperoned by someone else who has the required education experience."
    “The advisory panel recommended for the State Education Department to deny the waiver for Cathie Black, even though according to reports, some of those panel members are tied to the Bloomberg Administration. 
     Like many of my colleagues and like many parents of children who attend New York City’s public schools, I urge State Education Commissioner David Steiner to deny the waiver as submitted and refuse to circumvent the waiver process by rejecting any modified waiver for Ms. Black. 
    “It is unconscionable to consider that Mayor Bloomberg would resubmit Cathie Black’s School Chancellor application with new conditions - such as being joined with a co-chancellor who has education experience.  The very suggestion that since Ms. Black’s experience does not qualify her to serve, an alternative waiver could permit her to serve with a qualified co-chair does not seem to be within the scope of the law. 
    “Just one year ago, Mayor Bloomberg emphasized why New Yorkers should have more choices when electing their mayor.  I respectfully suggest that the Mayor give himself more choice and select someone who qualifies for the position of School Chancellor and has the experience to serve as required by law.”


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