Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Friends, Family, and Supporters Celebrate Kenny Agosto's Birthday

    Monday night was the celebration of 80th Assembly Male District Leader Kenny Agosto's 41th birthday. There were many friends, family, supporters, and even a few politicians on hand. New York City Comptroller John Liu said that more people like Kenny Agosto are needed in public office. 78th State Committeeman Ricky Martinez recalled the first time he met Kenny at the Board of Elections when Kenny was running against then Assemblywoman Gloria Davis. Also on hand was newly elected 79th Assemblyman Eric Stevenson, who said that his inauguration was being held on January 8th. 
    While I asked again if he was going to run for the 80th Assembly seat, Kenny again would not commit himself either way. He mentioned redistricting next year, and that he would have to see how the district changes.

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