Thursday, December 2, 2010

Senate Democrats Reelect Sampson as Leader

    With two State Senate seats still undecided, and a best case scenario of a 31-31 tie in the State Senate Democrats reelected Brooklyn Senator John Sampson as their Conference Leader. The State Senate is currently 31-29 in favor of the Republicans, with the two seats likely to go one to each side giving the Republicans back control of the State Senate 32-30.    
    This despite the fact that as I predicted Democrats would pick up three new seats in the State Senate which they did. Tony Avella won in Queens, David Carlucci in Hudson Valley, and Tim Kennedy in Buffalo, but Democrats  lost five other seats under John Sampson's leadership as they should go back into the minority in the State Senate by 32-30.    
    It was Senator Sampson, who was one of the people named in the investigation of the Aqueduct Racino, in a bid to put slot machines in the race track by a failed bidder that was reported to have been favored.
    So will end the Democratic control of the State Senate, unless a miracle happens that Democrats win both seats still contested resulting in a tie, give the tie breaking votes to the new Lieutenant Governor Robert Duffy.

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