Saturday, March 31, 2012

Assemblyman Luis Sepulveda

  Now that Assemblyman Peter Rivera will join the Cuomo administration as of June 30th as the new Commissioner of the State Labor Department it could be smooth sailing for community leader Luis Sepulveda. In 2010 Sepulveda ran against entrenched incumbent Assemblyman Peter Rivera, and lost by only a few hundred votes garnering 44% of the vote in the Democratic primary. Sepulveda has opened an Headquarters at 1512 Castle Hill Avenue (pictured above), and started his campaign 2012 the day after his 2010 primary loss. Sepulveda has been in every part of the new 87th A.D. knocking on doors, talking to people, and offering free legal help when needed. His campaign is ready for the start of petitioning that will begin in June for state offices.
  Sepulveda is part of "Team Diaz 2012", That being Senator Rev. Ruben Diaz (32nd State Senate District), Assemblyman Marcos Crespo (85th Assembly District), and candidate Luis Sepulveda (87th Assembly District). 

Among his concerns are Public Safety, Education, Legal Services, and the Environment, to name only a few. Below is candidate Sepulveda with Senator Diaz, District Leader Julia Rodriguez, Ms. Mary Walsh of the Parkchester South Houses and many community members who protested that there is no elevator for handicapped people at the recently renovated Parchester # 6 line subway station. Sepulveda has begun legal action to have such mandated services be put at the subway station, and is in the process of getting 10,000 community signatures to go along with the action.

 You can go to or visit Luis Sepulveda on Facebook to learn more.


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  1. If he's part of 'Team Diaz' he can forget my vote! Diaz is an idiot. Have we forgotten how he embarrassed the Bronx and NY nonally with his '4 Amigo' crap? Have we forgotten how Rev.Diaz tried to take rights away from Gay people? Sepulveda by being so hungry for power you'd get into bed with Diaz, you won't get my vote.