Thursday, February 7, 2013

Bloomberg Boulevard: The new “Cross Bronx Expressway”

   Remember the last time an autocrat with way too much power (Robert Moses) rammed through a plan to divide the Bronx with a freeway to give wealthy suburbanites an easier time driving through (not to) the Bronx on the way back and forth from their suburban homes. It was called the Cross Bronx Expressway. It created endless health problems and destroyed Bronx neighborhoods forever.
Now here we are in 2013. We have a Mayor with tremendous power and he insists on creating a 1.5 mile asphalt bikeway right through one of the last native forests of the Bronx in Van Cortlandt Park. (The Mayor will also cut down 400 trees as part of his plan and spend $1 million NYC taxpayer dollars). All of this so wealthy suburban cyclists will have an easier time getting through the Bronx.
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Ask yourselves. How does a 15ft paved asphalt path help the Bronx more than an 8ft stone dust pathway? It doesn’t.
Why is another project being forced on the Bronx which the Bronx didn’t ask for?
Mayor Bloomberg’s actions are eerily reminiscent of Robert Moses ill-conceived Cross Bronx Expressway. We all know how that one turned out! Let’s not let history repeat itself.
Say no “to Bloomberg Boulevard” in Van Cortlandt Park!
Please write a note to Mayor Bloomberg saying no to another ill-conceived project the Bronx doesn’t want!
Please also write your City Council Rep asking them not to destroy the Bronx using $1 million of your tax dollars!
“Maybe when you have billions you think you don’t have to listen to the millions”
Save the Putnam Trail Campaign

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