Thursday, March 28, 2013

Social Security Information Fair

  On Wednesday March 27th Congressman Charles Rangel held a Social Security Information Fair at Lehman College. Over 200 people participated in the event which had welcoming remarks from Congressman Rangel. The Regional Commissioner of the Social Security New York Region Ms. Beatrice Disman gave a presentation on the Social Security program. Topics included the cutback of 9,000 SSA workers nationwide due to attrition, and the recent budget cutting by congress. There will be longer waits and shorter hours at SSA offices. Ms. Disman emphasized that there are more online services, and that over 1/3 of new applicants now enroll online.
  There was a discussion of direct deposit, and that new applicants must either have their funds direct deposited or on a Visa debit card. Questions were taken from the audience, and there were SSA specialists on hand to handle the many individual problems that came up.

Left - Congressman Rangel and Ms. Disman of the SSA.
Right - There was also sign language provided.

Left - A view of the crowd.
Right - Community Board 8 Aging Committee Chairman & City Council candidate Andrew Cohen is introduced by Congressman Rangel.

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