Saturday, March 30, 2013

VCP Ice Rink Closes

  The seasonal Ice Skating Rink in Van Cortlandt Park has been closed as the weather gets warmer and outdoor ice skating is no longer possible. As you will see in the photos below during the removal of the temporary ice skating rink it is not known exactly just what will remain on the site other than the permanent electrical work done. The new season will start around the beginning of November later this year.

The floor may have been taken up and the signs on the doors may say closed in the photo on the left, but in the photo on the right the ice skates still sit in their slots waiting to be rented. 

Both photos show how the temporary ice skating rink has been taken up. Rolls of material in the foreground of the photo on the right, and wood planks that supported the rink in the photo on the right.

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