Tuesday, April 16, 2013

ECPW Wrestling Returned to St. Francis Xavier in Morris Park

 This past Saturday night ECPW Wrestling returned to the St. Francis Xavier gym. There were seven action packed matches including a battle royal and ECPW championship match. There was standing room only as the event was sold out. You can see some of the action you saw or missed in the photos below. Midway there was an intermission where the wrestlers came out to mingle with the crowd, take pictures with the kids, and sign autographs. A great time was had by all who attended, and the school wound up with some much needed funds. click on any photo to enlarge it.
The first match got underway between Big Ben Cromwell and Rocky Jones. Here you see each wrestler getting the other in holds on the mat.


Left - Rocky Jones was victorious as the referee tries to separate the wrestlers after the match.
Right - Action from the battle royal match.

Left - The Masked Superstar on the way to the ring with Ghetto Brown.
Right - Ghetto Brown was victorious as he climbs the rope to show off.

Below in a hotly contested three way match between Kevin Phoenix, The New Dynamite Kid, and Jason Speed on the left is Jason Speed on the ropes about to flip Kevin Phoenix.
Right - Phoenix was thrown out of the ring only to hear it from a young girl in the audience.

Left - Phoenix is pinned by Jason Speed.
Center - Kevin Phoenix finds a friendly fan in the audience.

Left - Rikishi signs a photo for a fan.
Right - Duke "Pitbull Snyder signs for a fan.

Left - Tristan Law seems to be getting the upper hand on the Punisher.
Right - Law was thrown out of the ring, and wound up losing the match.

Left- ECPW champ Andrew Anderson on his way to the ring.
Right - Anderson trash talks his opponent Frankie Flores.

Left - Flores was no match for Anderson.
Right - Anderson walks to the back holding his ECPW championship belt.

Left - In the last match Rikishi is held back by the referee as his partner is double teamed.
Right - It would not be a Rikishi match without a stink face by Rikishi.

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