Tuesday, July 9, 2013


The Benjamin Franklin Reform Democratic Club has filed a huge number of signatures of enrolled Democrats on their designating petitions to qualify their endorsed candidates for the September 10th Democratic Primary ballot.  The Club collected in excess of 4100 signatures.

Endorsed candidate        Office                      Amount needed
Andrew Cohen                 City Council                      450
Ruben Diaz, Jr.                Borough President          2000
Scott Stringer                   NYC Comptroller             3750
Daniel Squadron             Public Advocate              3750
Larry Schachner              Civil Court Judge             4000
Julia Rodriguez               Civil Court Judge             1500
Jeffrey Dinowitz, et. al    Judicial Delegate slate     500
   Said City Council candidate Andrew Cohen: “I want to thank everyone who spent their time in the sweltering heat knocking on doors to place me on the primary ballot. Well over 100 community members volunteered their time in support of my candidacy and I am incredibly grateful. We had volunteers in every neighborhood of the 11th council district. This is grassroots politics at its best, and the work of these extraordinary volunteers showed that my candidacy has tremendous support.
  “It is clear that every community in the district faces similar issues. Everyone is concerned about improving our schools, keeping our streets safe, cleaning up the environment, providing good health care and  having the best possible mass transit system. My campaign is geared towards bringing people together and building coalitions that can work on each of these issues.
  Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. stated, “The Benjamin Franklin Reform Democratic Club has long had a reputation as one of the strongest political clubs in New York City, and their performance gathering nominating petitions this cycle has done nothing to change that.  I thank the club and its members for their continued support, especially those members who undertook the often thankless task of collecting nominating petitions.”

  Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer said, “I am proud of my record of results as Borough President, and will bring that same activism and innovation to the Comptroller’s office. I am grateful for the support of the Benjamin Franklin Reform Democratic Club in my campaign for Comptroller. The Ben Franklin Club is an amazing grassroots political organization with deep roots and strong support in the community. The support of the activists of the Ben Franklin Club and so many other supporters throughout the city will be key to my election as City Comptroller.”

  Daniel Squadron, Democratic candidate for Public Advocate, said, “As someone raised in the Bronx, in Riverdale, I know how important the Ben Franklin Club is in the community.  The club’s support is incredibly meaningful, and the thousands of signatures its effective activists have collected underscore their strength.  It’s exactly that grassroots energy that’s made our campaign so successful so far – and that will propel us forward.”

  “I am so proud and thankful that so many volunteers gave us their time and energy to knock on doors to qualify our candidates for the election ballot.  We were successful in collecting enough signatures to ensure a place on the ballot for all of our candidates – from Andrew Cohen for City Council to Bronxwide and citywide candidates.  And we did it in the most grassroots way possible:  by volunteers knocking on doors.  As we enter the next phase of the campaign I look forward to further grassroots action.  We will reach out to voters by knocking on doors, canvassing by telephone and greeting them at supermarkets, transportation stops and at local events,” stated Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz.  

  “Our endorsed candidates represent a strong team of progressive Democrats who can win both in the primary and general elections, and go on to serve the city well.” said Ellen Feld, President of the Benjamin Franklin Reform Democratic Club. “The club is proud that so many in the community have responded positively by signing their petitions.”

  The Club will soon be meeting to discuss the endorsement of a candidate for Mayor.  For further information on the Democratic Primary campaign, please call the Benjamin Franklin Reform Democratic Club at (718) 796-6177.

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