Wednesday, July 3, 2013

JCOPE Publishes NY State Elected Officialls 2012 Financial Disclosure Statements

  The Joint Commission on Public Ethics has released the 2012 financial disclosure statements that are required to be filled by all New York State elected officials. Here is the link to the JCOPE page which lets you see the 2012 financial disclosure statements of the  four state wide office holders (Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, and State Comptroller), all members of the State Assembly, and all members of the State Senate. When you go to the JCOPE page you will see the options for either of the four statewide offices, the assembly, and senate. If you choose one of the latter choices an alphabetical listing of each assembly or senate member will appear on your screen. Just click on the elected official(s) financial disclosure statement you wish to view.

  The disclosure statement can be from 14 to 20 pages, with the first page starting with the persons name, title, state agency, office address & phone number, marital status, and spouses name. The other pages (with a coded letter for each amount explained in a table at the end) ask for anything from amount of monies received from other employment & where from, amount of investments & how much, holdings & approximate value, any liabilities & how much, and any other personal gains or employment of the elected official and or spouse. The report includes stating any party positions, what they are, and if any compensation is given. The information is very informative as you can find out just what your elected state official has declared. 

  The financial disclosure statements are from the year ending 2012, and had to be sent during the month of May as you will see the date stamped on page one. Here is the link to the JCOPE page  again.

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