Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Cardinal Spellman High School Takes Positive Action In Postponing Talk On "Same-Sex Attraction"

  The new Bronx LGBTQ Center (the “Center”) appreciates Cardinal Spellman High School's decision, as reported by The New York Times, to postpone the talk scheduled to be delivered by Rev. Donald Timone at its school on Tuesday evening. We believe that the interests of Spellman's community are better served by a balanced presentation that includes all views on this sensitive subject, including views that affirm and accept youth and their sexuality as they are.
"We would like to reiterate our desire to open a constructive dialogue with the school to talk about LGBTQ issues in ways that won't cause harm. We have been working with a number of organizations and individuals who would support such efforts that would hopefully result in a positive outcome," Tym Moss, the Center's president stated.
"We thank all of the Cardinal Spellman HS alumni, as well as those who contacted us to express their views -- one way or the other -- on this sensitive issue. Our focus and goal was and remains that no person come to any harm as a result of discussions surrounding LGBTQ issues. The school's action in postponing this talk is a positive move that provides hope in achieving this goal," Peter C. Frank, the Center's secretary, said.
The Center's initial statement on this issue can be found online:

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