Sunday, December 1, 2013

Official Chanukah Menorah Lighting

   Tonight was the official Riverdale Chanukah Menorah lighting. State Senator Jeff Klein joined Rabbi Levi Shemtov and both went up in the Con Edison truck bucket to light the fifth light of the Riverdale Menorah. This was the official lighting and over 100 people came out to watch, dance, have delicious donuts and potato latkas , and a good time. 
   As you will see in the photos below Senator Klein and Rabbi Shemtov put on safety harnesses and went up in the trucks bucket up to the top of the giant menorah (the largest in the Bronx) to light the Chanukah lights. 

Left - The Chanukah party is in full swing.
Right - Rabbi Shemtov explains to Senator Klein just what he has to do in lighting the giant menorah.

Left - The pair put on their safety harnesses.
Right - The bucket starts to go up to the top of the giant menorah.

Left -   The center light is lit first.
Right - The fifth light is next for the fifth night.

Left - Rabbi Shemtov guides the bucket operator so the other lights can be lit.
Right - The other lights are lit one by one.

Left - Once all the days lights are lit the bucket returns to ground level.
Right - Now that all of the days lights are lit that partying begins. There are three more nights of Chanukah left to enjoy and to light the lights of the eight nights of Chanukah.

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