Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Patterson Dem Takover of State Senate Not High on His List of Priorities

  In a State of the Politics article new State Democratic Party leader David Patterson says that a takeover of the state senate by Democrats doesn't have to happen this year. Patterson is quoted as saying - “It’s possible, but I don’t want to raise expectations.” He noted that he lowered expectations when he took over the Democratic conference in 2002, ending the idea that the minority needed to win six seats all in one fell swoop. “I don’t necessarily think that has to happen,” the former governor continued. “…when you have less resources…you have to have a plan that’s sometimes more pragmatic than hopeful.”

  This plan of action however goes against current DSSC  Chairman Mike Gianaris who thinks that Democrats can win back the majority they lost. Patterson raises the need to unify senate Democrats, saying that he would like to see the Independent Democratic Conference members rejoin the Senate Democratic Conference, adding that they won on the Democratic Party line. Patterson adds that he has not met with Senator Klein, and a reunification looks unlikely in the short term since the State Democratic Conference has put up challengers to Klein and fellow IDC member Tony Avella. Patterson added that he wants to talk to the three statewide party candidates before he embarks on a plan of action.

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