Saturday, June 20, 2015

No to de Blasio "Zoning for Quality and Affordability Plan” from the BROADWAY COMMUNITY ALLIANCE


Community Board 8 Land Use Meeting Thursday Night June 25th at MS/HS 368   -   7:30 PM
2975 Tibbett Avenue off West 230th Street.

Ten Reasons to Say NO to the Mayor's "Zoning for Quality and Affordability Plan”

1. Up Zoning Plan. This citywide proposal is intended to promote a positive goal: new affordable housing for seniors, families, and special needs populations. However, it will undo years of community planning that Community Board 8 fought for in its 197(a) Plan and approved by the City Planning Commission and the City Council in 2003.

2. Overdevelopment. Under the current zoning, developers already have the right to build more densely. This plan allows developers to build taller buildings even in contextual zones, which were designed to restrict building height.

3. Parking Requirements Eliminated or Reduced. Under present zoning, developers of senior and affordable housing are already permitted to provide fewer parking spaces. This plan Eliminates All parking requirements for new affordable housing located within 10 blocks of a subway. The change severely impacts residents of North Riverdale, Kingsbridge, and Marble Hill who live in the Broadway area near the #1 train, as well as Van Cortlandt Village residents near the #4 train. Additionally, Developers will be able to reduce parking for projects more than 10 blocks from a subway to the detriment of Every Neighborhood!

4. Unprecedented Retroactive Zoning. The plan permits developers to build affordable housing on parking lots of current senior housing and nursing homes, which retroactively changes our zoning protections. Among other issues, where will residents, visitors, and staff park?

5. Grass is Past. The plan will eliminate or reduce setbacks, rear and side yards, open space requirements, and more. The result will be a tsunami of new development that will block air, light, and views, and eliminate landscaped area. 

6. Decrease Homeownership. We will witness many smaller buildings and private homes being bought, razed, and rebuilt as behemoths. 

7. Hidden Costs. Will taxpayers get soaked? According to the NYC Independent Budget Office (IBO), the city plans to commit more than 1.6 billion dollars in capital spending to finance the increased infrastructure needs (like sewer and water lines) caused by the additional buildings. "The city has created a $75 million Acquisition Fund it will use to purchase private land, which it will then convey to developers at little or no cost. In exchange, the developers will be required to build affordable housing, "(IBO report, May 2015). Funds for new schools to accommodate increased density are not included.

8. Questionable net increase in Affordable Housing Units. Ironically, the mayor's "Zoning for Quality and Affordability Plan" will not appreciably increase the number of affordable units, as many developers will enjoy many new benefits while building a small percentage of affordable units. Many housing advocates oppose the plan because they believe the mayor's affordable housing goals will not be reached.

9. Where are the Facts? The plan states that it will change our current zoning definitions. It does not say which definitions and what those changes will be. It does not define affordable housing criteria or explain which groups fall under the umbrella of affordable housing. The currently available plan is hundreds of pages long, but short on specifics. 

10. Rush Job. City planning wants a Community Board 8 vote on this rezoning plan this Fall followed by votes taken by the Borough Board, Borough President, and City Council. Where is the time to study and understand the impacts of the rezoning on our community?

A rezoning of this magnitude will definitely have 

For these reasons the "Zoning for Quality and Affordability Plan”

permanent consequences for our community!

Must Be Voted Down!

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